USF Spring Practice Q&A: Matt Grothe

Quarterback Matt Grothe is entering his snior year and tells USFNation his thoughts from the the first week of spring. Only on

USFNation: How was the first week of spring with a new OC?

Matt Grothe: I like it, Coach Canales has us running around a lot, he is not going to let us settle for anything less that we have. He wants to get us moving. I think that we will have some big things in store this year.


USFN: How did your last winter conditioning go??

Grothe: I pushed myself as hard as I could. I know this is my last one and I think that I am coming in at the best shape I have ever been in.


USFN: What have you gone up strength wise?

Grothe: Last year I was weighing in at 220 and now I'm more leaned out, lost a lot of body fat and I'm managing to stay around that weight for the coming season.


USFN: Do you think the changes will translate on the playing field?

Grothe: Certain times, especially last spring my body was just breaking down on me and I think I will be able to survive this spring.


USFN: How's the team responding to what Coach Canales is doing?

Grothe: Everyone loves it; Coach Canales brings this fire and passion to our team. I am having a good time so far and everybody else is too.


USFN: Do you feel that after last season's finish the new changes give you new life?

Grothe: Definitely, we are not changing everything but any little change is to make things better. Overall, everything that this team and coaching staff is doing will be for the best.


USFN: Anybody out there surprising you?

Grothe: Everyone is working their butts off. It is kind of hard to tell because we only had a week of practice but everyone is moving around and is excited to be out here.


USFN: Are you looking forward to putting pads on for the first time?

Grothe: It is always a fun time, especially the first day on board. I am looking forward to getting after our new and improved defense. I want to see what we can do against them. 

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