USF Spring Practice Q&A: Mike Ford

USF Running Back Mike Ford is entering his junior year leaner, stronger, and more powerful. Big Mike tells USFN his thoughts from the first week of spring. Stay informed with

USFNation: How was your first week of spring practice?

Mike Ford: It feels great to be out here again, running around catching balls. Everybody is excited and was ready to go


USFNation: What are some of the changes you made from last year entering the spring?

Mike Ford: The biggest change is my weight. I dropped about 20 pounds and I am down to around 220.


USFN: What did you finish last season at?

Ford: I was playing around 235 and then a little bit afterwards I was up to 240. I feel much better at this weight and can move a lot better.


USFN: Now you had a couple of injuries from last year, how do you feel now?

Ford: I feel pretty good but I have a little tweak but it is nothing. I am in the best shape since I have been here. I'm ready to go.


USFN: With a fewer amount of backs how do you like the extra reps you are getting?

Ford: It is good, a little extra work is always better and I can pick up the slack. By the time all our running backs come back I'll be ready, because when Jamar Taylor gets healthy he's an animal himself. There is going to be competition, and there is some already with the 4 or 5 of us out here. The extra work will help me improve my game.


USFN: What is the hardest thing you for you to get used to out here?

Ford: Not sure, probably just paying more attention to the plays and calls when I'm not in. You know me, I'm a little ADD [laughing], but I am doing a good job out here and improving.


USFN: How excited are you to put the pads back on and start hitting?

Ford: I cannot wait, it's been a long time since we hit, and I am very excited. I've gotten stronger and more powerful, and I'm going to be like a savage out there.


USFN: Is there anybody you're going to hit the hardest out there?

Ford: Number 37, I'm not going to say his name, but he's been kind of selling me out for a long, long time now and his time might be coming. [Laughs]

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