USF Spring Practice Q&A: DT Cory Grissom

Bulls DT Cory Grissom was making a freshman splash before getting injured last season. Now the defensive lineman is back, and tells USFN his thoughts on the first week of spring. Stay informed with How did your first week of spring practice go?

Cory Grissom:  It went good. On my first day I did better than I thought I would. Everybody is pumped to be out here and I think we got some good work in."


USFN: What was the hardest thing for you to get used to out here?

Cory: The hardest thing is the pursuit drill that is a tough thing to get used to. You got to have people with strong minds to get focused out there on the field, and when something bad happens, everybody gets out of focus and I get them back.


USFN: Now that you've been in the program for a season, what's gotten easier?

Cory: I'd say running. We run a lot, and at first it's hard to get used to.


USFN: Do you think you're fully recovered from your injury?

Cory: Oh yeah, I feel great now.  After I got injured I started working by way back and about 6-weeks into the Big East season, I started practicing and just went on from there. I feel like I'm totally healthy and ready to make an impact.


USFN: What are the biggest changes you've made since arriving on campus?

Cory: The biggest changes I've made is I've gotten  a lot stronger in every area, and worked on my speed so I can get off the line faster. I compete against some great players and it's made me a better player. I work hard every day, on the field, in the weight room, everywhere.


USFN: How much stronger have you gotten since arriving on campus?

Cory: I went up about 20 pounds in bench. I was doing 295, but now I'm doing 330 pounds. In squat I went over 100. When I first got here I was doing 365, and now I'm doing 495 pounds.


USFN: Is there anything you want to try and accomplish this spring?

Cory: I want to try and earn a starting spot on the defensive line at nose tackle.  I was doing real well last year before I got injured, and I want to prove that I'm back and that I can make a difference out here.


USFN: Who is helping you the most out here?

Cory: Terrell McClain helps me a lot, and basically the whole front line and all the starters. Everybody helps everybody on the d-line, coach as a lot of high expectations on us and we have high expectations on our selves.


USFN: What is the D-line attitude for this spring?

Cory: Our attitude is simple, and that's to defeat everybody!

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