USF Spring Practice Q&A: WR Colby Erskin

Bulls WR Colby Erskin is back from injury and tells USFN his thoughts on the first week of spring. Only on What does it feel being out here for your fourth spring as a Bull?

Colby Erskin: It feels real good to be out here. It may be my fourth spring, but I only think I've played in two of them because of injuries.


USFN: Speaking of injuries, how are you doing healthwise?

Colby: I'm injury free and I'm back one hundred percent, finally. I feel real good this spring.


USFN: What was the year of rehab like for you and are where you at?

Colby: It's always hard when you can't play, but there's no more rehab for me. I stopped rehabbing about six months ago. My knee feels stronger than ever and now it's just about getting the confidence back.


USFN: You looked jacked as always, what's your weight going into the spring?

Colby: It's the same right around 195 pounds. I lost a lot of the weight when I hurt my knee, but I've gained it all back. I'll try and be around 190 this summer.


USFN: Are you working your way back returning punts on special teams?

Colby: That's my spot. Returning punts is me.


USFN: Where do you find yourself on the punt return depth chart?

Colby: It don't matter what the depth chart says, when the season comes around, I'll be one of them.


USFN: How do you like coach Canales as the new offensive coordinator?

Colby: Love it. Simply love it. Everybody does, the receiver unit, the QBs, the backs, we're all real excited this spring, and it shows.


USFN: How do you like the new receiver coach Phil McGeoghan?

Colby: He's cool man, real cool. He's just like coach C, and it's like he's coach Canales's brother. Everybody likes him a lot.


USFN: What do you want to accomplish this spring?

Colby: I want to get on the depth chart first. Right now I'm three on receiver, and this is the time for me to prove that I'm back and move up.

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