USF Spring Practice Q&A: QB B.J. Daniels

Bulls QB B.J. Daniels is done with basketball, back out on the USF practice fields and tells us his thoughts on the first week of spring. Stay informed with

USFNation:  How does it feel to finally be back playing football?

B.J. Daniels:  It feels good. I had to knock a little rust off in the beginning, but I got back into it and feel comfortable.


USFN:  Was it a hard transition going from football to basketball, and then back?

Daniels:  No not really. I got a few voicemails from McKeefery and Coach Canales the day I got back from New York, and had my first lift and work-out early Thursday and then hit the field in the afternoon. The transition wasn't too bad at all.  


USFN:  Do you do football conditioning during the basketball season as well?

Daniels:  No, during basketball I didn't do any football winter conditioning at all. Running up and down that court is a lot easier than being out here on the field because you have time off in between plays so as far as conditioning I'm okay.


USFN:  When was the last time you did anything football related?

Daniels:  I haven't done anything since against West Virginia, Pat White week.


USFN:  Do you feel that has hurt your development at all??

Daniels:  No, not at all. I weigh about the same, but as far as strength most people can tell I've gone down a little bit. I was a lot stronger in the fall and was getting 275, but I don't know what I'm at now.  I'm in real good condition from basketball, and now I just got to get my strength back up, but I'll get it back in no time at all.


USFN:  What was the hardest thing for you to get used to when you first stepped on the field?

Daniels:  I don't know, probably not having Coach Gregory out here, and all the new coaches. I had to get used to Coach Canales too. It's only been one day, my first day back. So it will just get easier each day.


USFN:  How do you like having coach Canales as the new offensive coordinator?

Daniels:  I Like it a lot, and always loved Coach C.  I've only been out here for a day so I can't say too much, but I thinks it's going to be real good, and I'm excited.


USFN:  What do you want to accomplish this spring?

Daniels:  I just want to get the rust off, and get all my timing and stuff back. Get used to all the little changes and everything.  Now that I'm back out here, it won't be hard. That kind of stuff comes back easy.

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