Spring Practice Q&A: LB Coach David Blackwell

The Bulls just finished their first day of spring practice this week and new USF linebacker coach and co-defensive coordinator Coach David Blackwell tells USFN his thoughts of his first full practice, his impressions of the LBs, what he wants to accomplish this spring and more. Only on USFNation.com -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

USFNation.com: What do you think about your first full day of practice?

Coach Blackwell:  It was good, real good. It is always nice to get out here and go. Just like anything new, it takes a little time to get acclimated. We are trying to hit the ground running and improve each day


USFN:  Have you got the players name down yet?

Blackwell:  I know who Selvie is (Laughs).


USFN: What is your first impression of the Line backing unit?

Blackwell: Got a long way to go. There is talent there but we have to make sure we have them in the right spots and coach them. They are eager and have a pretty good work ethic.


USFN: Are they adjusting well to you so far?

Blackwell: You're going to have to ask them (Laughs). I don't know about that one.


USFN: Have you seen more from them after wearing uppers today?

Blackwell: Got to see guys who bite a little bit, and guys who like contact. Of course you have to watch tape to see more. We are looking for guys who are going to play hard and guys who play physical.


USFN: What do you want to accomplish over the next few weeks of spring practice?

Blackwell: Get better every day. Find something to improve on each practice. It's not complicated


USFN: Is that a new team mantra, to get better each day?

Blackwell: I think so, and I think that is Jim's philosophy period. We want to improve every day, compete at a high level. We are not there yet but we have to continue to improve. We don't have to be there today, but we need to progress each day. We are going to take a step forward tomorrow and see what happens.


USFN: You think you will know more once they go full pads?

Blackwell: Absolutely, they always do, always do. The players separate themselves when they go live, so we will find out.


USFN: How are you getting along with the new coaching staff?

Blackwell: Great coaching staff, great people. The defensive staff is awesome; they have taken great care of me. We have two outstanding GA's, Patrick & Jared they do a great job, especially Pat who has been helping me. Joe, Kevin, Hendrick, and all of those guys have been terrific. I couldn't ask for a better coaching staff.

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