USF Spring Practice Q&A: LB Sabbath Joseph

Bulls linebacker Sabbath Joseph has been slated as a starter this spring. The junior LB tells us his thoughts on his third spring as a Bull, why he's a better player, why he's excited about the new coaches and more. Stay informed with  What you have seen differently out here for your third spring?

Sabbath Joseph: Everything is different this year from the coaching staff, to scheme, different attitude. I am just trying to get it all in right now.


USFN: What is the biggest change you have made to yourself from last year to this year?

Sabbath: This year I would have to say more studying film, trying to become a better film viewer and also I lost a lot of the body fat from last year.


USFN: What is your current weight this spring?

Sabbath:  I am at 230, but a good 230.


USFN: Have you gone up in the weight room?

Sabbath: I got a lot stronger. All of my numbers have improved dramatically. My bench went up 10 percent, from 355 to 375. I haven't done squat yet though.


USFN: How you feel about the new Linebacker coach and defensive coordinator in there?

Sabbath: The new defensive coordinator is an excellent guy. Coming from Cincinnati, they had a great defense over there, forced like 42 turnovers last year. He is a great guy and he also coached some NFL players so. Coach Blackwell is real cool, nice guy. We still have a ways to go with him but he is great.


USFN: How has all the other players responded?

Sabbath: Everyone has responded real well so far. We are still trying to get familiar with all of the coaches and schemes but we are all coming on real well.


USFN: Any of the young guys impress you out there so far?

Sabbath: Yea some of the guys have. From the secondary we have lost a lot of guys but we have a lot of others like Quenton Washington, Jerrell Young. There are a lot of new guys who are working their tails off to get better and win the Big East.


USFN: How is everything working out so far, everything looking good?

Sabbath: Everything is coming together. Now we have a great Line backing coach, a new defensive coordinator, offensive coordinator, TE's coach, so everything is looking real good.


USFN:  Does it feel good putting pads on the first time?

Sabbath: It feel real great, it has been a long time. It's the first day, we looked kind of sloppy at times but it's the first day and we will continue to work from there.


USFN: What do you want to accomplish over this spring?

Sabbath: As a defense to get better. To minimize all of the penalties, stay smart and cause more turnovers. For myself, just to be fundamentally smart and help my defense.


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