USF Spring Practice Q&A: WR Dontavia Bogan

Bulls receiver Dontavia Bogan was a playmaker last year and has been slated as a starter this spring. The junior WR tells us why he's a better player, his thoughts on the new coaches, why he's excited about the future and more. Stay informed with  How does it feel being at spring practice as a junior?

Dontavia Bogan: I am feeling good man, I love this time of year and it's time to go.


USFN: What are you seeing out there with a new offensive coordinator?

Bogan: We are seeing great schemes and plays that he is bringing to the offence. More excitement in this offence right now, giving the playmakers the ball, so we are looking good so far.


USFN: How are you feeling personally out there?

Bogan: Me, I'm feeling just great, the best I have ever been feeling. I'm excited for the rest of the spring and the future.


USFN: What is your height and weight right now?

Bogan: I am at six feet, 187 lbs


USFN: What is the biggest change you have made over the last year?

Bogan: The biggest change that I personally have made was that I got stronger.


USFN: How much stronger did you get?

Bogan: I am benching 300 lbs, last year I benched about 270.


USFN:  What else do you think you have improved on?

Bogan: My stamina mainly but I've improved everywhere in general, physically, mentally everything.


USFN: How do you think you will line up on the depth chart this year?

Bogan: Right now I am starting, and I am doing what I have to do. Make play and work hard. Keep getting better.


USFN: What are your impressions of the new receivers coach McGeoghan?

Bogan: He is a good guy, a real good guy. He is someone who has NFL experience, so he knows what he is talking about. He knows what to do to take us to the next level.


USFN: How are the guys responding to him?

Bogan: We all like him a lot. He has been there done that, so we listen to him closely. He's a lot like Canales and has a lot of passion.


USFN: With two new coordinators, who do you think has caught on quicker, the offense or defense?

Bogan: Really the offense because the defense has a whole brand new person at DC coming up, and new coaches. On offense Canales has been here, and there have been a few changes but nothing that would slow our learning process down.


USFN:  Is there anything you want to accomplish this spring?

Bogan: I want to continue to work hard and get better in every area. Everybody's on a learning curve and we want to be the best we can be.

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