USF Spring Practice Q&A: QB Evan Landi

Bulls freshman quarterback Evan Landi earned the Golden Bull award last season and has been praised by Coach Leavitt this spring. The redshirt freshman tells us his thoughts on the new coaches, playing multiple positions, how he's progressing, and more. Stay informed with

USFNation- What's it feel like being at your first spring as a Bull?

Evan Landi- I'm feeling pretty good, felt good to go out there and do some different things. I'm just trying to show off some of my talents.


USFN- How do you think you have progressed over the last year?

Landi- Mostly just watching and learning. You can get a lot of mental reps, you know playing scout team, and you sit a watch people like Matt and Grant. They knew the offence before. So I just took all that in and trying to take in all the coaching I could


USFN- Are you building off receiving the scout team Golden Bull Award last year?

Landi- I just continue to work hard, accolades are good but you just have to keep working and do what you have to do for the team


USFN- What is the biggest change you made in yourself, from last year to this year?

Landi- I dropped about 10 lbs. I got a little sluggish and felt a little slow, so I dropped some weight and I am trying to get my strength up because it is a little different ball game out here


USFN- What is your weight right now?

Landi- I'm 210, 6'3"


USFN- What about strength wise, what did you go up to this year?

Landi- I put on 5 on my bench press to 250, I have some work to do on that. I went up about 10 to 15 on my squat to like 375, I have some work to do, and I will continue to hit the weight room


USFN- You were playing multiple positions today, were you kicking out there too?

Landi- I kicked a couple of extra points. I kicked in high school a couple of times. I figured if I am showing them that stuff, I should kick some.


USFN- Does it help playing multiple sports, football, hockey, basketball, you name it?

Landi- I would say mostly the discipline and the work ethic. Just at any sport, you have to listen to the Coaches. Just work hard and good things will happen.


USFN- What's it like having the new offensive coordinator?

Landi- I learned a lot, but I have to learn a lot anyways. I'm just seeing things quicker now from the first week before spring break to now. Me, BJ and Matt, we are all progressing


USFN- Usually QB's don't do board drills, but you did and came out on top against Theo Wilson, what is that all about?

Landi- I had weird gut feelings to make me do that, but when he called me, I figured I'd go in and would show them what I got. Me and Theo, that was a pretty good match, but I came out on top on that one.


USFN- Were you all talking about it afterwards?

Landi- Yea, Theo was laughing about it. There are no hard feelings, it's just practice and we are all getting after it a little bit. It's all good.

USFN- What receivers are standing out to you?

Landi- I would have to say all of them. They are all working hard; they are all learning the new system. There is a lot of easy stuff to pick up on.


USFN- What do you want to accomplish for the rest of spring out here?

Landi- I just want to get on the field somehow for next fall. I'll try multiple spots and keep working as hard as I can this spring and summer to do it.

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