Coach Tresey Comments On Bulls Scrimmage

The Bulls held their first scrimmage Saturday and USF Defensive Coodinator Joe Tresey Gives USFN his thoughts on the Bulls first scrimmage. Find out who stood out, and what area's need improvement. Only on -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

The Bulls had their first full scrimmage Saturday, giving the staff an extended opportunity to gauge where the team is at during the halfway point of spring practice, and USF defensive coordinator Joe Tresey gives his thoughts on the defense after the morning scrimmage.

"You have to be very optimistic seeing that it's been one week." said Tresey. "There is a lot of new terminology and I thought we did well. We didn't look like we had many mental busts, and that was a big thing."

A lot can be seen on the field, but with all the action going on, a better assessment on how the defense performed will be seen after the scrimmage.

"We have to look at the film and see how our effort was, and see how our communication was to make sure everyone is in the right fit," said Tresey, "We missed some tackles but that is going to happen in the first scrimmage, as long as you are playing fast and you are playing with great effort that is what you want. So we just have to look at the film and evaluate it."

This is the first opportunity for the staff to get a chance to evaluate the players in extended live game action. With a lot guys jockeying for a roster spots we asked Tresey if anyone really stood out in the scrimmage.

"Not really any single person stood out to me today. I thought that we had a lot of different guys make plays today," said Tresey. "Nate Allen made a play down here; Q Washington made a play on the field, Chris Robinson had a sack. They all played fairly well. Unless somebody has two picks or someone picks up the ball and scores a couple of times then it is different."

"But until you look at the film and you evaluate the film you will never know. It's never as good as you think it is and hopefully it is not as bad as you think it is."

With the Bulls first scrimmage in the books, Tresey has an idea of where the team is at the midway point of the spring and where he thinks they need to improve in.

"I think we need to get better everywhere, in all phases," said Tresey. "It's the first weeks of spring and really when you look at it's our first full scrimmage, and we have to keep getting better every day."

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