Coach Canales 'We have a very bright future'

The Bulls held their first scrimmage Saturday and USF offensive coordinator Mike Canales got his first extended live action look at the offense. Read part 1 of this exclusive interview and find out how Coach C thought the team performed. Stay informed with What were you looking to accomplish in Saturday's scrimmage?

Coach Mike Canales- To be fundamentally sound, not to be sloppy, do not have any unforced errors before the whistle and after the whistle in terms of illegal procedures and alignments. Whether we score or not is not important, we need to execute on offense, make sure we are fundamentally sound.


USFN- Did you see good things out of the offense from the scrimmage?

Canales- Yes we did. What we were looking for was to see if we could go out there and execute on offense without a lot of mistakes, costly penalties, and sloppy play. I wanted to see smart plays by the quarterbacks and be able to run the ball. For the first scrimmage we did a lot of those things, and ran the ball pretty well.


USFN- Was eliminating turnovers a main focus on the offense this spring?

Canales- Absolutely, turnovers are drive killers and we wanted to eliminate those costly turnovers. I thought we secured the football, but had a couple of turnovers by the quarterbacks and running backs, nothing that can't be fixed, but we got to keep working.


USFN- What was your first impressions from the scrimmage?

Canales- Overall for only being two weeks into spring ball and having our first scrimmage there were a lot of good things done on the field today. I was very pleased with what I saw and think we have a very bright future.


USFN- Is it safe to say that you were happy with the offense during the first scrimmage?

Canales- Oh yeah, I'm very happy. We did some really good things out there. We're not where we need to be yet, but I'm happy with where we're at. In terms of the offense they did what we wanted. The QB's, receivers, and running backs all made plays. They moved the chains down the field and scored.


USFN- How do you think the quarterbacks fared on the day?

Canales- The quarterbacks played smart ball and didn't force any throws. I was really pleased with Matt Grothe. He came into the spring in great shape and a great attitude, and it shows. In the scrimmage he was doing some really good things, working the ball to the receivers, and moving the offense. From my perspective they all played well, converting on third downs, and executing in the red zone.


USFN- What did you want to see out of the running game?

Canales- I wanted to be able to run the football, I really did, and that's what we were able to do. All the backs ran very well today. Ford has looked very good this spring and did some tough running in the scrimmage. We're going to count on him this year. I was very pleased with what Demetris Murray Saturday as well. He showed some quickness and power in his running. We have a great stable of backs that are all competing, and we'll see who steps up their game.


USFN- How do you feel now that you're at the midway point of spring ball?

Canales- Obliviously we're not where we need to be, but I'm very happy with what we did in the first scrimmage, and it's something to build off of. Now we got to go in and review all the tape, evaluate it and look closer at some of the things we saw and see where we need to improve. I'm very happy with what we did out there, and think we're going to have a very bright future.

Stay tuned for part two of Coach C'S interview.

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