USF Spring Practice Q&A: TE Andrew Ketchel

Bulls TE Andrew Ketchel is entering his junior season and tells USFN his thoughts on the first two weeks of spring. Only on How does it feel coming in to spring ball as a junior?
Andrew Ketchel-
This is my third spring and I feel like I have been around the block, but I understand the offense, the run & pass schemes and what go into it. Knowing all of those things and bringing that mental aspect onto the field. Being able to make the reads and make the calls. It's something that takes times to learn and it's something that I think I can do. Physically I feel good.
USFN- You came in around 215, what do you weigh now?
Around 250, 248, it fluctuates sometimes.
USFN- How much stronger did you get?
I stayed about the same, I got a little bit stronger on the squat. A lot of the maxes I did in the spring I couldn't do be because I was injured at the time. But with strength I feel like a got a lot stronger. Obviously I weigh a lot more, it will be very important when you are trying to block those heavy guys. Running routes I feel like I did not lose too much speed.
USFN- What do you think of Coach Byrd?
I like Coach Byrd. He knows the position, he obviously played received in the NFL, and so he knows all about that. It is a different aspect of the game that we did not know much about. We learn something new every day. He comes out and motivates us, keeps us going so that is always a plus. We always want somebody pushing us from behind.
USFN- Do you guys see any difference in how the TE's are used in the new offense?
For the most part it is about the same. Some of the stuff we are trying to spread out a little bit more. Not as many pro style sets but for the most part it is pretty much the same.
USFN- What do you want to accomplish the rest of the spring?
I want to stay healthy, and I want to go into the summer strong. Start to really contribute because that is what you work for.

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