Chiefs work out USF WR Taurus Johnson

USF receiver Taurus Johnson continues to prep for the NFL draft and had his first private work-out with the Kansas City Chiefs on Wednesday afternoon. USFN talked with T.J. and got all the details. Stay informed with --Get it First, Get it Fast!

Former USF receiver Taurus Johnson continues to draw interest for the upcoming draft and on Wednesday had a private work-out with the Kansas City Chiefs

"The work-out went real well," said Johnson. "I was happy with my performance."

Johnson had 38 receptions for 498 yards and six touchdowns in his senior season. Since the Bulls spread the ball around to so many players, he wasn't utilized to his potential and finished his career at USF with 112 catches for 1,434 yards and 12 touchdowns. However T.J. did enough to earn an invite to play in the annual Shrine game, and get invited to the NFL combine.

At 6'1-208 pounds, has a good blend of strength & size.  At the scouting combine, T.J. ran a 4.43 & a 4.48 in the 40 yard dash and put up 18 reps of 225, placing him in the top 5 for receivers. He also registered a 35 1/2 inch vertical leap a 10-1 broad jump.  The Chiefs saw enough that they scheduled the private work-out.

"Everything's has been unbelievable," said Johnson. "The Shrine game, the NFL combine, pro day, and now the private work-outs prepping for the draft. I've been very blessed, it's been a lot of and it's been amazing so far."

As teams continue to do their research for the upcoming NFL draft, on campus workouts are the preferred method of obtaining information that others are not privy to. But due to USF's spring practice the work-out was held at another venue.

"We did it Saddle Brook; it's a real nice private resort that I've been training at for two months. We would have done it after practice but Coach Ward had to catch a flight."

Without the crowds of a combine or the practice fields, it was just T.J., Kansas City WR Coach Dedric Ward, and former Bull QB Grant Gregory throwing for the work-out.

"Grant did a heck of a job out there. We've been throwing and catching for some time now. I tried to have him at pro day, but he was out of town," said T.J.  "It was good having the one on one time, Coach Ward asked questions of me and Grant and I asked a lot of questions too."

The work-out went for about 45 minutes to an hour, having T.J. running all the basic routes, the comebacks, posts, outs, slants, deep balls, etc.

"He wanted to see my route running, showing me some new things and how I would react to them, and everything went real well. He said I ran good routes, I'm very confident with my hands, and I'm very explosive off the ball. Coach Ward is a real good coach and I'd love to play for him and the Chiefs."

"We did some ball skill drills too. Things like over the shoulder drills, running down the line, throwing the ball in front of me, behind me, high, low, all the basic wide receiver drills. Have me running a comeback at a certain angle to see if I could find the ball. He said I did real well in everything."

"It was really good, and I was very pleased with my performance out there."

 "He told me I did a great job and he liked everything he saw. He said keep up the good work and when he gets back he'll put a good word in for me with the Chiefs."

Several teams have contacted his agent showing interest, and next on tap is a work-out with the Buccaneers on April 13th

"I got the Buc's work-out in about ten days and I'm real excited about that. My agent said a few other things are in the works, but nothing finalized yet."

T.J. is hoping to be the first Bulls receiver drafted since Deandrew Rubin in 2003, and possibly helped his cause by boosting his stock through his work at the combine, his campus Pro Day workout in front of 40 scouts and coaches, and in the private work-outs.

"I just got to stay positive, keep working hard, and just keep doing what I do, and hopefully everything else falls into place."


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