Spring Practice Q&A: OL Danous Estenor

USF offensive lineman Danous Estenor saw action as a true freshman before injuring his knee. He's back practicing, and tells us how he's progressing, how he's changed from last year, and more. Stay informed with USFnation.com

USFNation.com- How do you feel being out here playing again?

Danous Estenor- It feels good, I am just trying to get back into it, get back into shape, learn LT because last year I played RT, just trying to learn the left now.


USFN- Is it hard for you to make the transition?

Estenor- Not really, I have never done it before but you have to try something new because every time you do try something new it is always difficult. I'm getting the hang of it; I just have to keep on practicing and working on it.


USFN- How's your leg, are you still limited in practice?

Estenor- I'm kind of limited, but it is getting better. I still have a little pain


USFN- Is it something you re-injured, or is it lingering?

Estenor- It wasn't a re-injury, it's from the one I had during the season. It's something inside my knee, and it is more of an annoyance type of issue. But it's slowly getting better, and I will be fine.


USFN- What is biggest difference you see in yourself from when you first got here?

Estenor- It's definitely my footwork. When I first got here my feet were kind of slow but I see that now it kind of picked up. When I first got here I was on defense, now I am on offense, so I feel like I'm more at home now.


USFN- What is your current height and weight?

 Estenor- I'm 6'4", 300 lbs.


USFN- How about strength wise, how much stronger did you get over the year?

Estenor- When I first came in I was about 315 in the bench and now I am at 355 and I haven't done squat because of my knee problems.


USFN- What do you want to accomplish the rest of spring?

Estenor- I want to learn LT and get a hang of it and I also want to learn center. You never know where they are going to need me. I want to go out there and do the best I can.


USFN- Do you have any goals for the summer and longer?

Estenor- I want to start in any position, and help our team win the Big East. I know that it's never been done here before. It would be good to be a part of a first championship. 


USFN- Do you like working with two coaches now on the offensive line?

Danous Estenor- To me it is better because you get two different opinions. It is not just one coach. It's two so you get two different points of view. They both bring something different. i like it.

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