Spring Practice Q&A: TE Ben Busbee

The last time USF Tight end Ben Busbee played a game, he scored a touchdown in the St. Petersburg/MagicJack Bowl. Now he's a senior and tells USFN his thoughts on how he's changed from last year, where the team is at and more. Stay informed with USFNation.com

USFNation- Now that you're a senior year, what have you seen out at practice?

Ben Busbee- Well you know we have a lot of new young guys and all of them are competing. Offensively I can speak more for us right now, we are young on the line but we are coming around. We seemed to have had a better practice today. Coach Leavitt at the start of the day did not seem too excited the way we came out there but we stepped it up and finished strong. We are looking good out there, especially near the goal line, the red zone and the one on ones. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out for the rest of spring.


USFN- What about yourself, where are you coming in around, height, weight?

Busbee- Right now I am hoping that I grew an inch or two (Laughs). I am in the best shape that I think I have been in at this point. I think I've had probably the best winter since I have been here since 2005. I am weighing 245 right now. They are asking me to play around 250. Now if we spread it out a little more, playing around 245 sounds good to me.


USFN- What about strength wise?

Busbee- I got a lot stronger, I had that shoulder injury a few years back but as far as the winter this is the strongest I have been. I maxed out in bench pretty well actually. My rep max was 22 reps on the 225 bench press; my second rep was around 350 so I am pretty excited after coming of the shoulder surgery.


USFN- Do you see a difference in the team from this year to the years passed?

Ben Busbee- Well you a lot of new guys coming in, there are a lot of positions wide open and you have a lot of guys who are showing good signs of what they can do. We also have a lot of guys who are ready to come in and play football for us next year. We lost a lot but at the same time we are a young team and as far as where we are at now and where the coaches see us, the team is a lot further ahead from the past year.


USFN- What are your impressions of where the Bulls are at?

Busbee- We have a long ways to go but I think we will be ready for that spring game when it gets here. One step at a time is how we're approaching it. One phase at a time as well, summer is next and then we will roll into fall. We are young but we are taking all the right steps.


USFN- What do you want to accomplish the rest of the spring?

Busbee- This spring my goal is to come out in one piece and be healthy. Pretty much I have played a lot of good football since I have been here but at the end of the spring I want to see a group of TE's, the four of us be ready to play in the fall and that is where I want to be at as far as the group is concerned.

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