Spring Practice Q&A: OL Sampson Genus

Sampson Genus, one of the strongest Bulls on the roster has switched back to offense line for this season. Sampson tells USFN his thoughts on the spring, how he's changed from last year, and what he thinks of the switch. Only on USFNation.com

USFNation.com –What's it like being back on offense for your second spring?

Sampson Genus – A lot has changed with a new offensive coordinator. Everything is moving a lot faster now and I got to learn the plays again and all that kind of stuff. I'm just trying to get it all down pat. So far it's been going pretty good.


USFN–Is it much different from the last time you were on this side of the ball?

Genus –No we still have some of the similar plays, the 14-15 that's our bread and butter. But they're very similar to when I was on offense as a freshman.


USFN–Do you like being back on the offensive line?

Genus –Yeah, I like it. On defense you got to do all that running around, you got to get here and get there. On offense, you take your zone steps, get your man on the ground and you're done.


USFN–Which do you think your better at?

Genus –I've been playing offense my entire life, ever since I was a youngster. I came to college, and for the first time ever playing defense. College defense at that was tough, so I think I'm better at offensive line.


USFN–What are the biggest changes you've made in yourself from last year?

Genus – Whew, I have to say mentally. My mind got a lot stronger. I've been working on my snapping, and that has gotten a lot better from when I was a freshman. I'd still have to say it's how much stronger mentally that I've gotten.


USFN–How about physically, you're strong, but have you gotten stronger?

Genus –I've gotten a little stronger. When you get up into the 400's, it's hard to move up a lot.  Right now I'm benching around 445, last year I was around 425 pounds. I'm squatting around 550.


USFN–What is your current height and weight for the spring?

Genus –The last time I weighed in it was like 312 pounds.  Some say 6 foot, some say 6'1, and it's about six foot and a half.


USFN–How do you like having two coaches on the offensive line?

Genus –It's great, I really like it. Both of them are great coaches. When you mess up one coach might not see it, but with two, they're going to catch it all, because they got help. It's better for the whole unit.


USFN–Are you seeing a lot of hunger from the young guys on the line?

Genus – Oh yeah, a whole lot of hunger. The young guys have got to learn and take their time to learn the plays, get the foot work down and all that good stuff, but they get after it.


USFN–How about you knee, will you miss any time?

Genus –It's a little sore. I just sprained my MCL. I'll be a little limited for a bit, but I shouldn't miss any practice time or longer.


USFN- What do you want to accomplish these last weeks of spring here?

Genus- This spring, we got that mindset to win the Big East championship, that's what we want to accomplish, and it starts right now, right here.

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