USF Spring Practice Q&A: WR Jessie Hester Jr.

USF wide receiver Jessie Hester Jr. was voted the team's offensive MVP after last season. In this exclusive interview the senior WR tells USFN his thoughts on spring practice, getting injured, cutting his hair, the offense, and more. Stay informed with Jessie, senior year, senior spring, what is going through your mind?

Jessie Hester- Basically just trying to get better every day and I am just trying to approach it better. I know this is my last year, I know I have to work harder than I have the previous years. It is something I enjoy doing though; I come out here and have fun. I am going to push myself but have fun and enjoy it while I can


USFN- Do you a difference from when you first got here?

Hester- Well in myself yeah, but with the team, it's never the same. Each year is always a different team, with different players. We have a very talented team, on offense and on defense. In myself, I feel like since I am a veteran and people look to me, I need to take that role and step up.


USFN- What is the biggest change you made to yourself from last year to this one?

Hester- I just continue to work hard, watch film and try to learn from my mistakes and be the best player possible


USFN- What made you cut your hair after growing it out for five years?

Hester- I was getting tired of it, it was time for a change and I wanted to do something new. It is getting hot out here also.


USFN- Do you feel better without it, we have seen a lot of guys shave their heads?

Hester- A lot of people don't recognize me. It is kind of cool and like that. I can walk around, and it is just a new look.


USFN- Now that you got a new offensive coordinator, do you see any changes out there?

Hester- It is basically the same thing except the tempo. Coach C is doing a lot of good things, mixing it up, putting in different formations into our offense and is giving everyone and opportunity to make plays and that is what we need.


USFN- What about Coach McGeoghan, is he full-go-Phil out here?

Hester- Yes he is very high on the intensity. He is doing a great job, all he wants us to do is get better every day and you really can't expect more out of a coach like that.


USFN- Being a senior do you come in as a leader for the WR's this year?

Hester- I'm definitely one of the leaders. I am not a big vocal guy. I am not going to tell people to do this or do that. I just try to go out there and do what I have to do, so hopefully people would want to follow me and do the same thing.


USFN- What did you want to accomplish this spring?

Hester- I wanted to stay healthy and make sure we come together as a team. That is what I really want to see this spring. We really need to come together but everyone is doing well, we want to come into the summer being healthy, no injuries and come together as a team.


USFN- How did you hurt your foot and what's the prognosis?

Hester-I hurt it in the beginning of our scrimmage, I got caught it the turf, and rolled up on it. They casted it, to protect it, and I'm having the test done later today. I'll miss the rest of the spring and the spring game.


USFN- Are you disappointed that you'll be in missing the spring game?

Hester- It's always disappointing to get injured and miss the rest of the spring, but things happen. You just got to stay positive and take what's giving to you. I've only played in one spring game since I've been here. I got banged up each spring so I'm used to it.


USFN- How long will you have the cast on?

Hester- Not sure yet, but I'd imagine about a month or so. I'm going to take my time with it. Being ready for this summer is what is really important.  That's when we have to come together as a team.

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