Coach Leavitt Delivers as Promised

Bulls Head Coach jim Leavitt ran the 40 yard dash in under 6-seconds as part of a promotion for USF's spring football game Saturday night at Raymond James Stadium. All students that beat Coach Leavitt will receive a free t-shirt emblazoned with "I'm Faster Than Leavitt."

It is a beautiful day today, green practice field grass and crisp cool wind that feels oh so nice against the cheeks. It was a perfect setting to watch the Bulls Head Coach Jim Leavitt run the 40-yard dash.

There were four news stations present at the event: Action News 10, Fox News, Brighthouse and Fox 13. Jarriett Buie was there as well. He looks huge and was tossing the ball around with one of his buddies.

Official laser sensor timing devices, and the training staff was also present. The kids who ran the forty showed up to watch Coach run.

......and there he was, running down from the training facility with all cameras and eyes on him.

Leavitt ran unto the practice field like he sprints out of Ray J entrance. He wore black shorts, white USF hat and a grey USF Football T Shirt.

He wanted to switch the side he was running towards because he stated that: "I am not running against the wind." So the official time was sort of wind aided.

Leavitt joked when he saw that it was not going to be hand held forty time but accurate laser timing. "I'll knock those things down." he said, "and we might have just lost our strength coach for this."

He proceeded to do a few warm up laps and joked with a few of the camera guys saying: "If you get any of my gut your in trouble."

He than ran the forty: Official time 5.72

"One of the most exciting moments of my life," said Coach Leavitt. "I was feeling it at the 2nd yard."

When a reporter asked him what it was like, Leavitt responded: "It was like coming out of the greatest stadium in America, Raymond James Stadium and if you are not quick enough Rocky will run you over."

"If there are any students who can't beat that time, they should really think their life through," said Leavitt. "I go faster during games though. I would clock in around 4.5."

Reporters asked him about the Spring Game held at Ray J tomorrow at 730.

"We just have to go out there and have fun. We won't run any complicated schemes, we are looking for good, hard effort, players who really are trying hard and in the end have fun and enjoy the moment."

He shook the hands of participants that were there and asked them where they are from. He said his goodbyes and ran off into the sunset.

Personally this is big for USF and I honestly do not know another coach who does something like this around the country, if you know post it up. That would be some exciting info we could compare with what our school does here. It is good exposure and our students can have fun with this, as well as interact with the coach. I give props to Leavitt for doing this. It should be an every year event.

For the students who beat his time, they will receive a "Faster than Coach Leavitt" t-shirt. Now students will also compete against one another in an obstacle course and can win a pair of tickets to the FSU game for every first place.

Sadly the fastest forty was a 4.74...Students need to step our game up.

Go Bulls!!


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