USF Spring Ball Wrap-up: LB Kion Wilson

USF linebacker Kion Wilson is the Bulls undisputed man in the middle and now that spring ball is over, tells USFN his thoughts on his last spring practice. In this exclusive interview, find out what Kion thinks of the new coaches, who's impressed him on defense, and who's harder to tackle on offense this spring. Stay informed with What are your feelings after completing your second spring as a Bull?

Kion Wilson- It was a great atmosphere, great spirits, great coaches and great attitudes. Everyone is trying to get the same goal accomplished, and I am in the process trying to be a part of it.


USFN- How did it feel coming in as a starter?

Kion- Being a starter is a big role, but nothing is set in stone around here, and you always have to keep working. That's always a driving force behind us, and what makes are unit so great. Also being a leader out here is something that I'm working on and trying to get better at.


USFN- Are there any major changes in you from last year to this year?

Kion- I'd say my confidence has really gone up. Just being around from the beginning part of last year to now just knowing what I am doing and pushing the rest of the guys.


USFN- Any changes in your strength and size?

Kion- Well I dropped a few pounds from last year to 225 lbs. I feel a lot faster, and I move a lot better to the ball, but I'm stronger and real balanced too.  I'm planning on putting some weight on over the summer to weight at 240, 245.


USFN- How is it working with new LB Coach David Blackwell?

Kion- He's a great coach. A people's person, you are able to talk to him. He is not a hot head like a lot of other coaches.  He has a lot of experience coming from Clemson; he has coached a lot of great players.


USFN- What about new defensive coordinator Coach Tresey?

Kion- He is a great coach; we are still in the process of learning the new system. He is a firm coach, he gets you excited, and he applauds you when you need it, but overall he is a great coach, and gets everybody all fired up to play.


USFN- What are you seeing out there and how is the team reacting to the new coaches?

Kion- Both of them are doing a great job. Coach Tresey gets everyone aligned properly, makes sure we are in the right front and formation. Overall I think it is going pretty good


USFN- Anybody in the unit impress you out there this spring?

Kion- Donte Spires, he transferred from the same school that I did. He took a year off to take care of problems with his family and was gone before I got here, but we talked for a while and he came back out. He is still fast and strong, and he just needs to pick up on the mental aspect of it all. I think he will, and hopefully he can play pretty good for us this year.


USFN- What about on offense, is anybody harder to tackle?

Kion- Moise Plancher, I don't know what he is taking but I need a little bit of it. Mo ran the ball very well; he is not as easy to bring down as last year. I don't know if it is his confidence level as a starter or if he gained more strength in the weight room but it definitely shows on the field.


USFN- What do you want to accomplish this summer?

Kion- Me personally to get bigger, stronger and faster. As a team, I want everyone to be on point. I want everyone to have that confidence and play hard.

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