Inside the Bulls Post-Spring Depth Chart

USF released a 2009 Prospectus & post-spring depth chart Thursday. Read on for the notable changes and our insight to the newly released information. Only on

USF has released a 2009 USF Football Prospectus , and it looks like a combination of an early peek at the 2009 media guide and a ridiculously late spring prospectus.

Included is a post-spring depth chart , but after looking at it for a bit, doesn't make a lot of sense, and it has lots of inconsistencies. Some guys look to be there because of injuries, while others are still on while being injured.  While some incoming are listed while others are not.

Changes from the pre-spring roster:

·         B.J. Daniels is listed as top back-up to Matt Grothe over Evan Landi

·         A.J. Love is listed as back up to Edner Alcin at the Y

·         LT Jatavious Jackson is listed as a starter with Jeremiah Warren as back-up
·         LG Damien Edwards is listed as back-up to Chaz Hine
·         C Kevin McCaskill is starter with Sampson Genus as back-up
·         RG Danous Estenor is listed as back-up to Zach Hermann
·         RT Jake Sims is listed as back-up to Mark Popek

·         Andrew Ketchel is listed over senior Ben Busbee with Jeff Hawkins third

·         RB-A, Moise Plancher, Jamar Taylor, Aston Samuels
·         RB-B Mike ford, Richard Kelly, Joel Miller

·         LE Aaron Harris is listed as a starter over Craig Marshall and David Bedford
·         NT Cory Grissom is listed as starter with Anthony Hill & David Fonua as back-up
·         Terrell McClain starter, with Keith McCaskill and Leslie Stirrups as back-up
·         DE Jason Pierre-Paul is listed on the 3-deep

·         SAM Armando Sanchez is listed as back-up to Chris Robinson
·         WILL Donte Spires is listed as back-up to Sabbath Joseph

·         Dexter Baldwin is listed as back-up to Nate Allen

·         PR Theo Wilson is listed as the starter
·         KR Jerome Murphy & Dontavia Bogan are listed as starters 

Interestingly, Leslie Stirrups and Jason Pierre-Paul are listed as three deeps on the d-line, the only incoming listed. Not even Carlos Savala and Jamar Bass who are expected to vie for starting roles this fall aren't listed.

The Bulls also included a 2009 Newcomer Roster and assigned numbers to the incoming, even with several not expected to make it on campus this fall


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