USF Spring Ball Wrap-up: DE George Selvie

USF defensive end George Selvie, who just completed his final spring as a Bull, tells USFN his thoughts on his last spring practice. In this exclusive interview, find out what big George thinks of the new coaches, who's impressed him on defense, and more. Stay informed with

USFN- What has it been like being a senior, and last spring as a Bull?

George Selvie- It has been a long one, longest four years of my life. It has been a good one, a good ride. There has been a lot happening the past four years. A lot has changed since I've come in, but this spring I felt good about it.


USFN- Tell us what changes you saw in the team this spring?

Selvie- I just saw a lot more urgency to go out there and play the game. Everyone knows that we can compete with any team in the nation but we are just trying to get better every time we go out there.


USFN- What are the biggest changes you have made from last year to this year?

Selvie- I've gotten bigger, trying to play more physical, and working on using different moves on my opponents.


USFN- How about your weight and strength, has it gone up this year?

Selvie- I'm up to 250 lbs. My bench has got up to 405 lbs and my squat has got to 505 lbs


USFN- How is it been with the new defensive coordinator out there?

Selvie- It's been good, it was a process, but overall everything has been good. Everybody is responding and buying into it.


USFN- How is Tresey, what are the differences you see in him from Burnham?

Selvie- They are both like the same person. They both bring the same intensity. He just wants to be out there and be hands on. He just wants to win championships and that is all he is talking about.


USFN- What was it like having two practices after the spring game?

Selvie- It was good; the coaches were running the plays from the teams that beat us last year. So that's what we were focusing on. Coach is trying to instill that in our minds that Rutgers beat us bad, real bad, and while watching the film, he says that. Also says that Cincinnati took from you what you should have had. It's all about just doing the mental as well as physical aspect of it,  it's good for our team.


USFN- How do you feel about your bigger looking defensive line?

Selvie- Yes we are looking bigger, because everyone is bigger. We're just trying to go out there and play. Be stout in the middle, against the run, on the ends, and some pass rush. We just want to go out there and play big time football.


USFN- Any of the new guys on the d-line impress you?

Selvie- On defense all of our players are doing well in every aspect. Cory Grissom is coming on strong out there. He was out there making a lot of plays, he is young and very raw talent but he is out there making plays.


USFN- Do you feel good about the defensive front seven?

Selvie- I feel good about the guys we got here, and they're all learning and coming along. We're getting new guys in here that will hopefully contribute and we'll have a lot of contributors coming in from JUCO. By the end of the day, we are going to be ready to play.


USFN- Do you feel that you're the leader on defense now?

Selvie- I am not the leader, everyone is out there contributing to it. I just talk up and get everyone going when someone is down. I want them to play; I want them to help me out. I can't play without them, so you have to get the team up. 


USFN- Do you fell different heading into your final year?

Selvie- I feel about the same, but it is kind of sad being my last year. I know this is my last go around


USFN- Not everyone is looking towards summer voluntaries; since this is your last go round, are you looking forward to that?

George Selvie- I am looking forward to looking bigger, stronger and all of that. I really have to put my physique up, and get me some abs or something (Laughs).


USFN- After getting so close, how important is it for you this year to win it all?

Selvie- This is my last one; I want to win a championship. Every year we have been so close to winning a championship. This time it is me leading my team to a championship. I am going to go out there and play every game like it is my biggest game of the year. I am going to put that into my team and imprint that into their minds.



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