Hoops: Anderson Talks About Transfer & More

It might be a year before he can play, but Ron Anderson is hoping to make a huge impact for the USF men's basketball team in 2010. A sophomore transfer from K-State, Anderson sees big things in store for the Bulls in 2009 and beyond. USFNation.com caught up with the talented forward to get his thoughts on coming to USF.

How do you feel now that you've made your choice?

"I feel great, and feel that there is a lot of pressure off of my shoulders. It's been an exciting process, I met a lot of great people and now that I made my decision, and I'm excited about that. Now I'm ready to get down to Tampa, getting acquainted with the staff, the players and start the next chapter."

What made you choose the Bulls after deciding to transfer?

"Basically I felt at home when I was there on my visit. The coaches and the players made me feel like I was already part of the team and their family, and I loved everything about it.  I've played with Gus (Gilchrest) and I was really excited about playing with him, Chris the point guard, and the other players. I feel I can learn a lot from all those players, and there's a lot that they can learn from me. I'm just excited to get there and start working."

When did you know that USF was the place for you?

"When I went on my visit, that was the first time I was really able to really see the program and meet everybody. I had a real good time, it was a rainy day and there wasn't anybody out there, but I was still able to enjoy myself with the team, the coaches and all that stuff, and new that was the best place for me."

How long have you known Coach Heath?

"On my visit was also my first time to really meet Coach Heath. He's a great guy and I feel this is going to be good for the both of us. I'm really excited to be able to learn from him and be coached by him. As a player I have a certain job, and I feel that Coach Heath will get the best out of me."

What are your best assets as a player?

"It's hard to really say. I just play basketball, and everybody has different strengths and weaknesses, and it's hard to say what my best are, all I know is there is still a lot of work to be done."

 "I like to analyze the game and I like to run and bang. The Big East is a tough league just like the big 12. I'm looking forward to getting in the weight room, getting stronger and work on my shot. Basically work on all areas of my game, and get better."

What do you feel you bring to the team?

 "I feel like I bring leadership and can communicate well with everybody. I work hard and will make others work hard and learn from each other. I'll also bring some of that tough love to practice, and hopefully lead to a successful season. I'm all about communicating with my teammates and learning from each other, and sharing my experiences with them.  My freshman we went to the NCAA tournament and last year we went to the NIT. So as far as post season experience, I've been there and Coach Heath has been there, so we can all share, and I'm excited about that

Talk about your body transformation since high school.

"When I was in high school I was close to 300 pounds, and now I'm around 250. I was working with the strength and conditioning coach at K-State, and he did a great job, I lost a lot of weight and basically got my body in the right shape. I actually lost a little too much weight, and I'm putting weight back on, but the good weight with added muscle mass. I'm looking forward to continuing to work on that at South Florida."

How close are you with Gus Gilchrest?

"I've known Gus for some time. We both lived in Maryland about 10-15 minutes from each other.  We also played AAU together and were real successful playing together, and did really good. When he first found out I was coming he was very excited. We talked about playing together since AAU, and winning a big time tournament together. Not just for us, but for the whole team. When I was there for my visit we played together and it went very well." 

How was your interaction with the rest of the team?

"It was good. I didn't play with Dominique Jones that day, but we've talked a lot and I'm real excited about playing with him next year.  I know Chris Howard, he's from my area and I know Justin Leemow too. It's a young team, but I think once we all get to work together and develop together, with Coach Heath and the coaching staff we'll be very successful. I'm real excited with all the players we got coming in and were all going to work together on getting it done, and improving as soon as possible."

Is it going to be hard for you to sit out after playing the last two years?

"I don't think it's going to be hard at all for me. I look at it from the standpoint that I'm here to learn and to grow. I'm only 19, and this will be a time for me to get bigger, stronger, and to fine tune my skills, and to simply become a better player. And by taking the year to work on those things when it does become my time, I'll already be used to the program, practicing with the team, and will be able to jump right in."

"I'm excited to be playing in a year, but I'm real excited about this year coming up, because that's what's most important. I'm looking forward to practicing with the team, and doing whatever I possibly can, making it tough for them in practice. I want to play them as tough as possible, so when they get in a game, they'll be ready.'

How do you think the future looks for USF basketball?

"I honestly think the sky is the limit. Coach Heath and the staff are doing a great job coaching, and bringing in the right players that fit the style of offense. I really feel that once we all get together, start practicing, and start working together we can accomplish a lot. It's all on us, and I feel that if all the players get on board, and have that drive, we'll be very successful."

Anything you want to say to the USF fans before you get here?

"I think the fans at South Florida are going to be very excited to come watch us play, and think Coach Heath is doing everything he needs to make his vision come true. The vision of having a successful team is going to be realized by bringing in his players so he has a good squad to work with for the next 4-5 years, and to take them as far as possible, and as fast as possible."

"I just to say that I'm excited about what's going to happen and the fans should be too. We're going to be successful, and it's going to be exciting to come watch us play."



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