USF Class of '09 Q&A: Julius Forte

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Julius Forte Profile  What have you been up to while getting ready to get up to campus?
Julius Forte: I've just been finishing up school, training and preparing to get over there. I've been doing a lot of running, and a lot of lifting.

USFN: Are you excited to finally get to USF?
Julius: oh yeah I am ready to go.  I am ready to get over there and start training and doing one on ones.  I am ready to start playing football, and ready to start hitting some people.   

USFN: Have you gotten stronger since the season ended?
Julius: I've put on some size to about 245 pounds; I played around 235 last year. I been working with my trainer and feel like I've gotten a lot stronger, but since I messed up my shoulder, I've gone down in my bench some. I'm only doing like 275, but I was doing 335 pounds. As far as everything else, I'm much stronger than last year. I am not really concerned about getting too much bigger.  As long I can get off of the ball and be successful I am not worried about the weight so much.

USFN: How's your shoulder doing since you injured it?
Julius: I separated it back in the spring in the Florida All-Star game, but it's getting better, I'm getting my strength back, and I'll be ready to.

USFN: What's it been like using the USF strength and conditioning book?
Julius: It started out being really tough, but I'm getting adjusted to it. It's very hard work, but it in a way it isn't, it's just very intense. The hardest thing to do was all the running, sprinting and making the times. I'm looking forward to working with Coach Mac; he's going to make me better.

USFN: What are your current height, weight and 40 yard time?
Julius: Right now I'm 6'2.5 and weigh around 245. I haven't run it in awhile but I run a 4.6.


USFN: Talk about your relationship with the USF coaches over the years.

Julius:  Back when I was a sophomore they were recruiting Ohrian Johnson and I started spending a lot of time over there.  I have been close with the coaches ever since.  It was easy to talk with them, and it just became like second nature.


USFN: Do you talk to any incoming classmates?

Julius: I talk to Ryne Giddens some.  We talk about going up there and trying to change some things around and help out our defense some.  I also talk to Jaquez Jenkins and Gerard Atkins.

USFN: Do you know any of the current players on the Bulls?
Julius: I am real cool with all the players and I get along with all of them, so when I come up there I hang out with them.  George Selvie, Anthony Hill, David Bedford.

USFN: How do you feel about the Bulls D-line?
Julius: I feel it is a great group of players. And then with me and the other recruits, when we get there it can only improve.  I am ready to get along with these guys and get down to business.    In a few years are line is going to be awesome. I'm not saying the USF defensive line isn't great now, but with the lineman ahead of us like Georg Selvie, and the d-line recruits we got coming in, we're going to have an awesome line

USFN: Are you looking forward to working with George Selvie?

Julius:  It is going to be great working with a player like George Selvie.  He is an All-American and I will be learning a lot.  This is going to be a great experience.  I am kind of in awe

USFN: Do you have a favorite move or moves you like to use? 
Julius: I like to use my rip move, but I like to use my spin move too!  I'll do a lot of things, whatever it takes to get to the ball. Whatever the offensive line gives me I'll take.  

USFN: Is there anything about you that catches people off guard?
Julius: People are surprised how quick I get off the ball.

USFN: Is there anything that you would like to work on as a player?
Julius: Pretty much I just want to get better and get some playtime on the field.   I don't know, I guess my footwork. I want to work on everything, and keep getting, bigger, stronger, and just keep improving to get better.

USFN: What is your favorite thing to do on the field?
Julius: My favorite thing to do is sack the quarterback but I will take whatever I can get.

USFN: What is your most memorable moment on the field?
Julius: My most memorable moment was my last game of my high school career at Boca Ciega when I had a pick six against Gibbs.  It was like 14 -7 and we were up.  We ended up winning.  A defensive end tipped a ball in the air.  I was able to locate it in the air, I was shocked when it hit my hands, and I made sure it did not leave my hands.  Then I ran 30 yards for a touchdown.  I wanted to celebrate but I was too exhausted.  I was exhausted when I got to the end zone and I just gave the ball to the ref!!   

USFN: What makes you such a productive defensive end?
Julius:   I watched a lot of films with the coaches and sometimes we will see a tendency from the offensive lineman.  I am able to get off of the ball by using their tendencies against them. This way I know what they will do before they do it. We watch film in the coached office 2 times a week and then we go and hit the field to work on it and it definitely helps.

USFN: What else do you feel that you bring to the team?
Julius: I like to put myself in a leadership position at times, and help other players improve themselves, and at the same time improve myself as a player. It makes the team better as a whole.

USFN: How do you feel about playing college across the bridge from where you grew up?
Julius: It feels great, and of course I'm going to have a lot of family and friends going to the games. But what I really want to do is set a good example for all the other kids in the area.  Instead of all the bad things they always see. I have the opportunity to that.

USFN: What teams are you most looking forward to playing against?
Julius: We're going to have a lot of big games over the next 4 years. Of course I want to play West Virginia and all the teams in the Big East, but t there's Miami and Florida State. And in years to come we'll have Florida and Notre Dame. With these big time schools that we got to play it's going to be real exciting.

USFN: What are your goals while at USF?
Julius: Personally, I want to improve in every area of my game over the next four years. Hopefully I'll be an all-American one of these years and then take it to the next level. For the team, I want to win a Big East championship, that and go to a BCS bowl game. I actually feel that if this year we come out and practice hard, do what we have to do, than we can win a BCS bowl game.

USFN: Are you excited to get to campus?
Julius: Oh man. I'm real excited, and I can't wait. It's been going by slowly, and I'm anxious to get there. I'll be up there soon and I'm looking forward to that. I'm just ready to get there and do some big things; I think we're going to have a great season.

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