USF Commit Joyer Granted Release

After weeks of uncertainly, USF commit, offensive lineman Kamran Joyer of Wesley Chapel, has been granted a release from the Bulls.

After weeks of being in limbo, the Kamran Joyer saga has finally come to close, and unfortunately he won't be a Bull.


For the last month or so the academic eligibility of center Kamran Joyer of Wesley Chapel has been in limbo and this morning Kamran Joyer asked for his release, and Coach Leavitt granted it.


"After speaking with Coach Leavitt, we got a release from USF this morning," said Kamran's dad Jack Joyer.


Jack Joyer stated concerns that the USF academic committee may not accept Kamran in August, and didn't want to risk Kamran not being able to be in a 4-year college by this fall.


"We got a message that there was no guarantee that he would get in even after he completed all his stuff, "said Jack Joyer. ‘We wouldn't know until August, and didn't want to risk not getting in. Now we'll open his recruitment back up."


The saga became public last week, when on Monday Jack Joyer, Kamran's dad Jack told me that Kamran had just been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse with a 2.593 core GPA, and is all qualified and ready to go, but wasn't yet accepted by USF.


He also said that he was trying to get hold of the USF to see if he can get in last week, but if they had to wait until August to go before an academic committee, then they'll ask for a release. He said if USF doesn't do something by Monday than they'll look at other schools.


A main concern was the online grade forgiveness courses Kamran took during his senior year.


On Thursday of last week, the Joyer camp backed off of the statements that if USF doesn't do something by Monday that they'd look at other schools. Saying that they tried to get in front of somebody at USF's admissions, but there are still some red flags concerning Kamran's transcripts. Also stating that Kamran would enroll in HCC to take to remedial math and English courses, and then go in front of the academic committee on August 4th. They said he has to get at least 2 B's in those classes and everything should be good to go.


At that time he also said that Leavitt has been great through all this and they understand the process. He also said that if things don't work out with the committee in august than Kamran would go to a JUCO and with hopes of returning to USF later, but were targeting to get two good grades at HCC and a favorable meeting with the committee in August.


"We got an email this morning saying he still may not get cleared by the committee even if he got the grades he needed in those the classes, and since we wouldn't find out until August, it wasn't worth the risk of not getting in."


Joyer also said that HCC classes wouldn't be over until August 14th, and the committee meets on August 5th could cause problems as well.


"Coach Leavitt has been great through all of this, and we respect everything that he's done," said Joyer, but with the academic committee, it's kind of ridiculous. He's a local kid, and committed because he's local, and his uncles and five other relatives all graduated from USF. Now he won't be a Bull"  


Now that he's been released from USF, Joyer will be contacting schools that lost players due to academics. No schools were listed, but the Joyer camp said that it'll most likely be an out of state institution.


"Now we have about ten schools we'll contact, but don't know which ones yet. We gonna see who's got room now that the SAT scores were released last week, but it'll probably be an out of state school."



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