Mitchell Shines at USF 7on7; Has a Top 3

4-star athlete Terrence Mitchell helped lead Hillsborough HS to win the USF 7on7 Sling and Shoot Tournament this past weekend. Read on to find out what he thought of the experience, and what he thinks of the Bulls. Stay informed with

I think it goes without question that Terrence Mitchell is one of the top cornerback prospects in the entire country. The 5'9" 160 lb. 4-star prospect recently competed in USF's annual Sling and Shoot 7-on-7 tournament and was one of the standout players at the camp. In a camp loaded with BCS and Division I prospects, Mitchell wasted no time in showing that he was one of the best out there.

"It was fun and there was a lot of competition out there. This was actually my first time doing it" says Mitchell.

Even though it was his first time at a 7-on-7 tournament, Mitchell was determined to prove that he is as talented as any of the participating players despite sustaining an injury.

"I did really well throughout the weekend. I had at least five or more [interceptions]. I missed two games before the championship game because of my ankle. I rolled it on Sunday during the first game, but I taped it up and I was still playing on it because we had two games back to back. Then we had a two hour break and it tightened up and I couldn't move it" said Mitchell. "Once we made it to the championship game I had to return for my team."

Hillsborough jumped out to a big lead early in the championship game and because of that Mitchell only played a few series. He was able to get some much needed rest for his ankle. In addition to stellar defense, Mitchell played well on offense through the weekend displaying a nice array of skills and also showing that if needed, he can play on both sides of the ball.

"Offensively, I did well too but our offense goes through Charles Lovett. He's the man in our offense. Between me and Charles we had a bunch of touchdowns, but our quarterback Tarean Austin, he's the key to our offense."

One interesting tid-bit is that Hillsborough High School has not competed in the Sling and Shoot tournament since Terrence Mitchell started attending there. The fact that they won the championship in his first attempt was a significant accomplishment because of the immense amount of talent present at the camp. Mitchell was also aware of the fact that two of the past three winners of the Sling and Shoot went on to win the State Championship.

"Yes sir, it felt real good to win and [regarding the State Championship] that's what we've been hearing and we're trying to do that here."

On the recruiting front, Mitchell is one of the most highly sought after prospects in the State of Florida and has over thirty offers.

"Recruiting is going well and I'm still doing research on schools that I might want to visit. I have a top three right now, Florida State is my leader, followed by Georgia and USF."

Regarding FSU, Mitchell had this to say: "I like their coaching staff, they put a lot of people in the NFL, they have a high graduation rate and they said I might have an opportunity to play as a freshman."

In regards to Georgia, Mitchell said "I like them the same as FSU. I like Coach Richt, he'll tell you the truth and they've got the same situation [as FSU]. They're saying that I don't have to play as a freshman but they're losing like four corners next year."

When asked about USF, Mitchell said "I like a lot about USF. I like Coach Scott, I got a cousin Lindsay Lamar, and he's there now. I like Coach Leavitt, he's a high energy coach and he's different than any other Head Coach that I've met."

Lindsay Lamar who was a big part of USF's last signing class is the cousin of Terrence Mitchell. Mitchell says that even though they talk about possibly playing together at USF; he has not felt any pressure from Lamar to commit to the Bulls. Instead, Lamar told him to make a decision based on what is best for him.

"After we won Lindsay was saying how proud he was of me, was happy for the team, and felt like he won too," said Mitchell. Lindsay and I have been together since we were little, and if I decide to go there then that's a big benefit for me.

Mitchell even though listed as a cornerback on; he possesses dynamic athleticism and can project on either side of the ball.

"FSU is recruiting primarily at corner but I might play a little offense. Georgia is talking to me about playing straight corner and they haven't really talked to me about playing offense. USF is recruiting me mostly on defense but they want to me to play offense too."

Besides those top three schools, Mitchell mentioned several other schools that are showing him major interest but he's not quite sure as to which schools will be getting an official visit.

"Florida, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Alabama and there are a lot of other schools that I still got to look at. I know for sure that Florida State and Georgia are going to get official visits but I'm not sure which other schools are going to get visits."

Mitchell also mentioned that no matter what school it is, he is looking for stability in the coaching staff. He is also looking for a team that is a consistent winner and one that will be able to compete for a BCS Championship. In addition to that, he touched upon the fact that it is important for the school to prepare him for life after football.

"Location isn't that important, but I'm from the city and can't go somewhere that's not around anything. I just want to feel comfortable wherever I'm at." On the subject of recruiting, Mitchell stated that he does not plan on making a decision until he has had the chance to thoroughly discuss all of his options with his parents and probably will not make a commitment until he has taken all of his official visits sometime this fall.

Even though Terrence Mitchell initially intended not to attend any camps this summer, he along with his teammates made it out to the Sling and Shoot. As for the rest of the summer Mitchell plans to work hard in the weight room and get his team ready for the upcoming season.

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