USF Summer Conditioning, Top 10 Performers

With the USF football team about to start fall practice this week, now's a good time to check out your 2009 Bulls. Last week the Bulls did their annual testing, and USFNation has you covered. Read on and see the top 10 players in each summer testing category. Stay informed with

The start of preseason practice this week means that the Bulls have concluded another strenuous off-season conditioning program under the guidance of USF Strength Coach Ronnie McKeefery.

"We try to challenge the team mentally and physically through the off-season conditioning program," said Coach McKeefery. "We want them to know that after going through winter, spring and summer, they can say I put my time in,  "I can handle what ever you throw at me."

Entering this pre-season the Bulls are abundant with talent, and the position battles will be a lot more competitive then it's ever been in years past. In every position on offense and defense; there are guys battling it out. "They're not just out there working," said McKeefery. "They're out there trying to impress and earn a spot."

In 2009 the Bulls graded out better statically in every category; Team strength, team speed, team power, and especially team athleticism. That all comes from the work that Coach McKeefery and his strength & conditioning staff instills on the team. "This summer I challenged the guys," said McKeefery. "And many of the guys stepped up."

Summer 2009 Top 10 Testing Results

Top 10 - Bench Max
Top 10 - 225 Bench Reps
Top 10 - Squat Max
455  Sampson Genus 32 - Sampson Genus 600  Jamar Bass
405  Steven Jacques 26 - Steven Jacques 585 Jeremiah Warren
400  George Selvie 25 - Terrell McClain 585 Terrell McClain
385  Richard Kelly 24 - Zach Hermann 575 Sampson Genus
385  Jeremiah Warren 24 - George Selvie 575  Mike Ford
375  Zach Hermann 23 - Richard Kelly 565  Zach Hermann
375  Kion Wilson 23 - Darren Powe 550  Richard Kelly
375  Sabbath Joseph 23 - Mark Popek 545  Demi Thompson
375  Lucas Darr 22 - Sabbath Joseph 535 Sabbath Joseph
375  Terrell McClain 22 - Jake Sims 535 Jamar Taylor
  22 - Lucas Darr  
  22 - Ben Busbee  
Top 10 - Vertical
Top 10 - Broad Jump
Top 10 - Shuttle
39.0 John Lejiste 10051 Jacquian Williams 42.97 Carlton Mitchell
38.5 Bermaly Augustine 10050 Bermaly Augustine 44.61 Daniel Bryant
38.0 Jerome Murphy 10034 Jerome Murphy 45.15 Jerome Murphy
38.0 Aston Samuels 10034 Patrick Richardson 45.20 Tyler Stowell
37.0 Richard Kelly 10026 George Baker 45.39 Lamar Lindsey
37.0 George Baker 10020 Aston Samuels 45.48 Minstral Raymond
36.5 Moise Plancher 10000 Carlton Mitchell 45.58 Cameron Perkins
36.5 Carlton Mitchell 10000 Chris Robinson 45.66 Dexter Baldwin
36.5 Patrick Richardson 9114  Patrick Hampton 45.69 Dontavia Bogan
36.0 Jeffrey Wilson 9110  John Lejiste 45.71 Jerrell Young
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