TE Gerard Atkins Unsure of his Future Plans

Bulls signee Gerard Atkins recenty found out he wasn't admitted to USF. The Dixie Hollins TE talks about what's going on and where the Bulls stand.

Dixie Hollins tight end Gerard Atkins situation just got a little bit murkier. Atkins was part of the Bulls 2009 signing class, but didn't join this team this summer as he dealt with clearing house issues, and was expected to take a grey shirt. But recently Atkins found out that he was not admitted by USF's academic committee for the fall semester.

"I don't know what's going on, said Atkins. "We just found out recently that I wasn't getting in."

Back in June Atkins said he got the qualifying score of 910 to go with his 2.5 GPA that he needed, but had some delays getting his paperwork sent to the clearing house, and then had to wait to get through the clearing house and through the USF academic committee.

He said that if things didn't work out than he'd either gray shirt or go to prep school at the Georgia Military College, but either way was not expected to report this summer.

"They talked about me going to school in Georgia, but that's no longer an option."

After not be accepted Atkins said other schools have contacted his coach, including Louisville and other options were being presented, but he was still high on the Bulls.

"I still want to go to USF, and I'm still talking to the coaching staff to see what my options are," said Atkins.

Atkins said he could still enroll at USF in January as expected, if he goes to a junior college, maintains a high average and gets approval by the academic committee.

"We haven't even starting opening up options for Community colleges or JUCOs," said Atkins.

Atkins said he still wants to go to USF and join his friends Julius Forte and Jaquez Jenkins, who are already on campus, but isn't sure what he's going to do just yet.

"I'm not sure of my plans right now," said Atkins. "I want to take some time to think about it, talk with USF, and then decide."

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