Ace Feeling the Pressure to Join Brion at USF

Only weeks remain till the start of the high school season. Ace Sanders talks to about who he's looking at, what he learned this summer and when he'll make a decision.

As summer winds down wide receiver Ace Sanders takes a short break from recruiting trips and camps before he starts practice tomorrow (Monday). Not only is summer a time to refine your game, it's also a learning period. The recruiting process is complicated and confusing for a junior entering his senior year, but by the end of summer most recruits begin to get a grip on what college football is all about.

"I had a very long summer!" said Sanders "I learned that coaches don't just look at one thing. They always want to see more, your all around game. They want to see how you run, catch, what you do with the ball after the catch, how you block. Coaches want to see you go 100% on every play."

Ace also learned how his height, 5-foot-7, can affect how he is perceived by certain colleges.

"Size is a big issue for some schools. It's okay though, I just have to show that I have an all around game and can play at a high level."

Outside of several camps/combines Sanders made was able to make it on to a couple college campuses.

"I went to USF, Florida twice and Georgia."

After making his visits and talking with coaches Sanders feels like he's able to narrow his list down to a select group.

"Schools keep coming in, but by the time the season starts I'll have a definite list. For now I'm looking at Florida – waiting to see if they offer, Georgia – waiting to see if they offer, South Carolina, West Virginia and South Florida. And possibly Iowa State."

Ace and his teammates travel to Tampa to play Plant high school in the season opener. Already a "can't miss" early season matchup has even more importance to Ace because both Florida and Georgia coaches have told him they'll be on the sidelines to see what he can do.

When it comes to making a decision, Ace says he's feeling the pressure.

"I want to take my visits and then make my decision, but I don't know if that will happen," Sanders added. "We could go pretty deep in the playoffs this year and I might make my decision early because I want to get it over with. Also there are a lot of players committing and some schools are filling up."

Ace says he keeps a close eye on who's committing where and to what school.

"Me and my mom go on the websites and see who's committing. Sometimes you see it on ESPNU scrolling across the screen. I know Florida has taken a lot of commitments and a lot of people are trying to commit."

Depending on his schedule, Ace is going to try and make as many visits as possible.

"I've been to UF and UGA. I'll probably go see South Carolina, West Virginia, Purdue and maybe Iowa State."

One school that Sanders will visit unofficially is USF.

"I wouldn't use a visit there because it's only 20 minutes away. I'll go there a few times to watch them practice. "

South Florida is the hometown team for Ace and he says he's been keeping a close eye on what the Bulls are doing.

"I follow them. Since my QB (Brion Carnes) committed there he always keeps me informed. He's always in my ear about USF. He wants me to come to the same school because we've been together since we were young. Anytime he's going to USF he's going to call me and tell me about it."

When it comes to making a decision Ace says he's looking for an opportunity. He wants a school that runs an offense that fits him and will give him a chance to play early. Stick with as we follow Ace Sanders through the fall and up to his decision.

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