Buc's Camp Q&A: Former Bull Marc Dile

Buccaneer rookie Mark Dile a former Bulls offensive lineman is among three other USF free agents trying to get noticed and make an impression during the Buc's training camp. Dile gives his thoughts on the camp, the competition, the transition to the NFL, the difference beteen the Coach Leavitt & Coach Morris, and the overall experience. Only on USFNation.com

Former USF offensive tackle Marc Dile is one of many players at the Buccaneer training camp this summer trying out to make the team. It's always a battle to make an NFL roster, but Dile is holding his own and the former Bull gives his thoughts on the entire experience.


Q: What has camp been like for you so far?

A: It has been going great. It took me a couple of days to pick back up the plays that we installed during OTA's, but I picked it up really quickly. I am starting to show some improvement. I am starting to see some things in me personally so it has been going really well right now.


Q: What was your initial reaction to finding out that the Bucs were offering you a contract?

A: At first, I was so tired that I couldn't react because we had just run a couple of gassers, but it was a bittersweet moment. Being back in Tampa is nice because USF is just a couple of miles away so I have a lot of friends and family here supporting me. It's beautiful. I feel like God put me in this situation, and he always puts me in the right position at the right time. I am just grateful for it. 


Q: How is the battle going with the defensive line?

A: Oh man those guys are tough and pro studs. It is great going against them and learning different moves. Everyone has different moves and different tendencies. It is great going in the film room and just learning and trying to incorporate what you learn into practice the next day.


Q: Is there any one player who you love to compete against in practice?

A: All of them are great at coming off the ball and using hand movements. There is no slowing down so it allows you to focus on the small things like your pad level and shooting your hands. It's a great thing, and I appreciate that. They know they have to go hard and so do I.


Q: Have any of the offensive linemen helped in your transition to the NFL?

A: All of the veterans have been doing that for the whole rookie class whether it's me, Xavier Fulton, Demar Dotson, Rob Bruggerman, or Ryan Schmidt. They try to teach us the small things because that is what it is about. We already have the physical aspect of the game down. It's the small things and the mental things. They just try to talk to us and walk with us through that process.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers tackle Marc Dile, center, throws defensive tackle Roy Miller (93) to the ground during drills during the team's NFL football training camp, Saturday

Q: How has the transition been for you from going to being a senior in college to a rookie in the NFL?

A: It hasn't been too bad. I really think the biggest transition for me is with the speed. Everybody knows their assignments on defense. Everyone is going 100 miles per hour so if I don't know my assignment or am not going as fast, I could be in a bad situation.


Q: How does Coach Morris compare to Coach Leavitt?

A: They are both intense. Raheem is a more laid back guy, but he demands so much out of us. You don't want to ever get on his bad side. You want him to keep that pretty little smile that he has on his face. Coach Leavitt is a very intense guy night and day and even during meetings. He doesn't let up. I love both of those guys. 


Q: Have you been able to keep in contact with any of the current USF players?

A: I really haven't been able to. All of my focus has been here on learning my assignments and watching film. I am just trying to learn about the pro atmosphere and what it takes to be a professional. That is film study, practicing hard, and taking care of your body. Whenever that time comes, I will be sure to show them some love because that's me.


Q: What do you believe you need to work on to become an elite player?

A: It's just about being consistent and that is an everyday battle and everyday grind. If you want it bad enough, you can lock in and get it.

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