QB Commit Brion Carnes Visits Practice

Brion Carnes was the first USF commit of the 2010 class, and this past weekend the 26th ranked QB made sure he was back on campus for the Bulls first week of preseason camp. See what he thought of the practice, and what he had to say. Stay informed with USFNation.com

Bradenton quarterback Brion Carnes was the Bulls first commit of the 2010 class, and since then has become the 26th ranked QB in the nation and the second highest ranked QB in Florida by scout.com.

Carnes, 6-foot-1 and 185 pounds from Manatee High School, committed to USF before the 2008 season was even over last December, and made sure he was back on campus for the Bulls first week of preseason camp this weekend. Carnes made the trip to Tampa with Teammate DE Reshard Simmons & WR Octavious Washington.

"I always enjoy going to see the Bulls practice, "said Carnes. "Octavious and Reshard really feel in love with the practice too. They enjoy the way the team moves around and how they run their drills."

Brion has been to numerous Bulls practices over the last two years, and says the team always practices with a high intensity, and is pretty much the same, but there is one difference.

"Everybody knows me a lot more," said Carnes. The all ask me how I'm doing and if I'm ready for the upcoming football season, and if I'm ready to come up there and get it started, and all that kind of stuff."

Brion and his teammates came up Saturday for the practice but also came on Friday in the afternoon for the teams walk thru. During that time he spent time talking with OC Mike Canales and Coach Leavitt.

"Coach C talked a lot about the upcoming season and me getting ready for the start of our practice on Monday. We also focused on me making my reads and things to help me for the season. Coach Leavitt said he can't wait for me to get up there."

Carnes said he also noticed that the team was wearing another new set of practice uniforms. "Oh man I love them, they're nice, really nice," said Carnes. "I can't believe they're practice jerseys."

Carnes was there for the entire practice Saturday and spent most the time watching the offense and quarterbacks in particular.

"I was really focusing on watching my position and what they do to make themselves better," said Carnes. "I wanted to key on some of the players before I get there, especially Matt Grothe and B.J. Daniels, and see how they react to certain things in practice."

"I also watched the receivers, and all of them are good and athletes. You got to be the best you can be if you want the opportunity to play."

"I also noticed a lot of the guys got a lot bigger. Sab (Sabbath Joseph) got real big. Murphy got big too. I also saw my cousin Jerrell, he and Q. Washington looked real good. I think they're going to be a good secondary this year."

This summer there has been lot of talk about Carnes taking other visits and what his plans will be for this fall.

"Every time I go up there I have my mind set," said Carnes. "I don't know what I'll do this fall, but right now I'm just focusing on the upcoming season."

"We start practice on Monday, and in just three weeks we'll be heading to Tampa to play Plant to open our season." I'm real excited for that and can't wait for the football season to begin."

Carnes also said that every time he goes to the Bulls practice he feels that much more comfortable with the team and what he can accomplish there. "I feel like I can compete with the players up there, and there no better than me, it's just that I'm at a smaller level than they are. But once I get up there and strengthen my body, get stronger and get used to the college level, I'll have a very successful career."

"I was ready to suit up and play," said Brion. "And God willing when I get up there I'm going to try and get number 10."

Carnes said with practice beginning on Monday he probably won't be going to another practice, but we'll definitely be coming back for some games this season.

When I saw Brion on Saturday I took his picture and he threw up the iconic Bulls hand sign.

"I hope during the season somebody can take pictures of me during a game, that way when I score a touchdown or something, I'll throw it up again!"

Stay tuned with USFNation.com as we follow Carnes and all of the Bulls 2010 recruiting class.

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