Bulls Gaining Ground on Lakeland OLB

Last week Lakeland's Quayshawn Nealy named his top 2 in an interview with Scout.com's Mike Bakas. The Bulls weren't named, but they are making a surge. Find out where they stand, who else has offered and what his visit schedule will be for the fall. Read on for the details.

As South Florida tries to break through and win their first Big East championship they must first create a winning culture throughout the locker room. One way to do that is to recruit athletes that have won at the highest level in high school football and Quayshawn Nealy of Lakeland high school has done just that. Last season the 6-foot-1, 205 pound OLB played a major role in leading the Dreadnaughts to a 5A title. He's been starting since his sophomore year and last season Nealy racked up nearly 80 tackles and 3 sacks.

"My summer went great and we just started two-a-days on Monday."

Instead of hitting camps and combines, Nealy concentrated on improving his speed and footwork, working independently in Lakeland. He's did attend two showcase camps at UF and UGA, but only participated in the one in Gainesville. Quayshawn already had several offers heading into the summer and he now stands with offers from Purdue, USF, UGA, Virginia, Louisville, Ole Miss, Virginia and FIU to name a few.

Nealy recently told Scout.com's Mike Bakas that he favored two – UGA and Ole Miss. But where do the Bulls stand amongst his offers?

"Georgia and Ole Miss are my top. I'd say USF is in my top 5. As a matter of fact I'd say they are number 3."

"I like USF because it's close to home. I like the environment, I have family in Tampa and I don't want to leave the heat. The heat and sunshine is all I know."

This season Nealy says he'll keep a close eye on the Bulls since they're in his top 3.

"I want to see if the (USF) program is on the rise. I'll watch how the linebackers play. I also want to get more in-depth info on their academics."

As far as official visits go, Nealy knows he'll visit UGA and Ole Miss, but may not use one on the Bulls.

"They're so close I'll probably drive over and go to a game. Actually I'm going to try to make it to two. I haven't seen the schedule but the Miami game sounds like a trip I definitely want to make."

For now Quayshawn is in no rush to make a decision. He says he's content with his current offers and feels that he'll end up committing to one of the teams on that list. Before making any decision he'll take at least 3 of his 5 visits. Nealy boasts a 3.4 GPA and an 18 on the ACT.

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