Coach Franks Breaks Down the RB Unit

The Bulls are into the second week of training camp and USF running back Coach Carl Franks tells USFN his thoughts on the RB unit, how they're looking, the depth chart, the freshmen, and much more. Only on -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

Spoke with Coach Franks after Fridays practice and got his thoughts on how the running back unit looks heading into the first scrimmage tomorrow.

"They look pretty good, and are fairly healthy. Once you start contact, you're always going to have bumps and bruise, and get sore, but nobody has missed any amount of time due to injuries. We're fortunate to be healthy and hopefully that we'll be the same after we get through the first scrimmage."

With just over a week of practices in the books several backs are ready to go for tomorrows scrimmage.

"If we had to play today than Mo Plancher would start the game and he has certainly earned it. He's a guy that I'd put out there and trust. Then there be Jamar Taylor, Mike Ford and Richard Kelly will play a variety of things. A fullback type role, a one back role and he can play a tight end type role for us, so there are a lot of things he can do for us."

Freshmen Lindsay Lamar making coaches take notice.

"We'll also work Lindsey Lamar in certain situations, he's got a lot of speed and we need to get that on the field. But we need to be wise with how we do it. He's a young guy and this is all new for him, but he's a quick learner and is a sharp young man. He's enjoyable to be in the meetings. He pays attention, and is on time, and is very attentive to detail and is going to be a great player."

Could Lindsey get on the field during the season?

"When you got a guy with that speed he's definitely in the mix to return kicks and to play in the backfield"

Freshman Bradley Battles made a quick move from running back to defensive back and now is back at running back.

"That was something he wanted to try. He played defensive back in High School and wanted to try it over there and then changed his mind and wanted to come back to the running backs. That's fine because he's probably going to redshirt. He needs time to get in the weight room, get stronger and learn everything that's going on, but I think he'll be an outstanding player for us."

It's a tremendous transition from high school and college, and it takes time to get acclimated.

"Just because you don't play as a freshman doesn't mean you're not a great player or going to be a great player. It just means that your time is not right at the moment and that's for a variety of reasons."

Aston Samuels came back this past spring from shoulder surgery and is in the mix.

"Aston is doing very well, and is in the mix at running back, but we have to be careful because of the injury and don't want to put too much on him to soon. There are situations when we want to get him into the game to utilize his speed, because he can run."

"With all our backs, we got some pretty good speed in the backfield."

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