Coach Tresey Still Looking For Consistancy

USF Defensive coordinator Coach Joe Tresey tells USFN his thoughts on the defense heading into tomorrow's scrimmage

Spoke with Tresey after the practice who said that there are a few players on defense that are a little banged up.

Three defensive linemen who started on the first day are being held out.

"Aaron Harris Cory Grissom and Terrell McClain all have some bumps and bruises, and we're trying to watch them so we don't beat them up."

Freshmen Julius Forte, Demi Thompson and Ryne Giddins all got work with the first team today.

"The young guys are getting some good reps, but at the same time you want your veterans to keep their skill levels sharp, and we just got to get them back and get them going. Also Terrell McClain is a little dinged up and Jerrell Young is a little banged up. Nothing serious but it'll be nice to get everybody back and get cohesive from a unit stand point."

After a week do the Bulls have a starting four yet?

"No, we're just trying to figure it out. You got Nate Allen who's a veteran, Murphy's a veteran, but we're trying to sort it all out. Consistency is the most important thing back there and when you're a young kid it's hard to have that when now you're running with the ones and the two's."

There's Jerome Murphy, Quinton Washington, Tyson Butler, George Baker, and freshman Kavon Webster all working at corner.

You got Nate Allen, Jerrell Young, John Lejiste, Minstrel Raymond and Jerome Murphy all working at safety.

Murphy and Raymond are both crossover players that could play both positions.

"The one thing about all our kids is that they're all working hard, busting their tails and their hearts are in the right place. As far as their attitude and demeanor goes, we feel very good on the defensive staff, and that it's been very positive."

Several guys are emerging as leaders in the secondary.

"As far as leaders go, Nate Allen is your guy right now. I also think Jerrell Young is stepping up as a leader. Those two guys are filling that role as far as being vocal leaders and always trying to get people going. Murphy isn't as much of a talker, but helps in other ways."

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