Saturday Scrimmage: Taylor Injures Knee

On Saturday the Bulls held their first full scrimmage of the fall practice session. Afterward, Coach Leavitt spoke to the media and shared his impressions of the scrimmage. Coach said RB Jamar Taylor left with a knee injury, and also gave the highs and lows from morning practice.

"There were some really good things, but there's nowhere that we're ready for a game yet. You can tell that with the first group. I'm down on our team, but we've got work to do and a ways to go. The good thing is we got a lot of snaps."

There was some bad news that came out of the scrimmage when Coach Leavitt said the Bulls running back Jamar Taylor, who was competing with Mike Ford and Moises Plancher for the starting job, injured his right knee while running the ball.

"We don't know how bad it is, so we're going to have to wait and see. He was cutting to the inside, cut to the left, and we think it's a medial ligament problem. We'll have to see."

Coach Leavitt said there some good things that came out if the scrimmage.

"There were a number of touchdowns scored, mostly in the red zone. They got bogged down a few times on the 30 and 40 yard line."

Leavitt gave more praise for freshman running back Lindsey Lamar, and also junior running back Aston Samuels.

"Lindsey Lamar ran it very well, and was one of the highlights. Aston Samuels ran very well. Those two guys I thought did a very nice job. Mo Plancher played a little bit at not as much."

On the quarterbacks Matt Grothe, B.J. Daniels and Evan Landi:

"I thought all three had a good day all three made some mistakes and all three did some good things."

On the receivers:

"Carlton Mitchell had a touchdown catch while running a corner route to the outside."

"We had too many dropped balls; the receivers had way too many dropped balls."

"The offensive line did good and bad, just inconsistent. We have to shore up some of our holding, too many holding calls early and late. But that's a young offensive line; you're going to get some of that. It's a very athletic group. They have some work to do with that."

On the defense:

"I thought our defensive front did some really good things. George Selvie had his normal practice. He was outstanding, absolutely outstanding. I thought Kion Wilson looked really, really good. And Nate Allen had an interception."

"Jaquian Williams looked like he made some plays, and Sabbath Joseph made some plays.

George Baker had a tremendous scrimmage; he had an interception and a huge tackle. He had a good one and so did Nate (Allen). George might be making a move, he might be pushing. We'll see."

"The defense had the advantage on both sides all the way until the goal line. From the goal line the offense knocked it in every time. There are no buts, the defense has to stop them but they were on the 6 and the 3."

Special teams:

"Delbert Alvarado did very well, he hit some big field goals, one from 57, one from 55 and kicked as well as I could have hoped for. He also punted very well."

"I'm very happy with our field goal and punt teams. Our number ones, our number two's have a ways to go. Eric Schwartz was average and we're still looking for another kicker to come in. We're still searching high and low for kickers."

Jessie Hester (foot) and A.J. Love (ankle) who are coming off injuries and defensive tackles Cory Grissom (ankle) and Terrell McClain (foot) were all held out of the scrimmage.

Sabbath Joseph left the field on a cart due to dehydration.

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