USF Has Ground to Makeup for MNW Speedster

Corvin Lamb from powerhouse Miami Northwestern names his top 5 heading into the 2009 season. See where the Bulls stand. Read on for the details.

Florida is known for its speed and this years fastest player is Corvin Lamb from Miami Northwestern, a school the Bulls have had recent success at, landing Quavon Taylor two years ago. Lamb is widely considered the states fastest player and he has the numbers to back it up. Corvin competed in a National AAU track meet, running away with wins in the 100 and 200. He saw limited action his sophomore and junior years playing behind D1 caliber upperclassmen, but when he had the opportunity he made the most of it. Corvin contributed on special teams by returning 5 kickoff's for a touchdown. This summer he's put in the work and is penciled in as the teams starting running back.

"I had a good summer, we are back in camp now and getting ready for the season," said Lamb. "I'm staying humble and just working on making my team better."

This summer Lamb made one trip and that was up North to Rutgers.

"Rutgers was nice. It's a different environment from being in Miami. But it's not a problem, I can handle that."

With summer over Corvin is ready to name a top 5.

"I have 18 offers but there are 5 that have the early lead. They are LSU, North Carolina, Nebraska, Connecticut and Michigan."

The Bulls didn't make the cut, but there is still time.

"USF has been recruiting me since my junior year. They're not totally out of it. They just need to keep recruiting me, keep calling. September 1st is the first time they can call me. I'm interested, they just need to keep in contact."

Lamb says his lack of knowledge of the USF program is why they are on the outside.

"I really haven't seen them play and I don't know what type of offense they have. I want to see them this year."

Corvin has had a relationship with USF's Larry Scott for over a year and he says the two get a long great.

"Yeah Coach Scott is a cool person, he's very funny."

Besides USF, Lamb has instate offers from UCF and FIU. He says he'd like to stay close to home, but moving out of state is not something he's avoiding.

"I don't mind moving away from Miami. It's all a part of growing up."

The Bulls have a guy on their roster very similar to Lamb in Lindsey Lamar. Like Lamar, Lamb could be used at multiple positions.

"I'm kind of a scat back. I can run between the tackles or go into the slot and play wide receiver. USF has talked about using me that way and so are a few others."

Even though the Bulls are outside of Lamb's top 5 there is still time. He says in about a month he'll start scheduling official visits, the Bulls are a team that may get a visit because Corvin wants to get an in-person look at their offense. Stay tuned to to find out if the Bulls can climb into Corvin Lamb's top 5 this fall.

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