USF Fan Fest 2009: Bulls Notable Quotables

While at the Bulls 2009 Fan Fest USFN spoke to many players to get their thoughts on the season. We asked 4 questions and here's how the team responded to team goals, personal goals, what game most looking forward to, and the difference in this years squad. Only on

While at the Bulls 2009 Fan Fest USFN spoke to many players to get their thoughts on the season. We asked 4 questions and here's how the team responded.


What are your goals for the team this season?


After speaking with the players, there is no doubt that Coach Leavitt and the team met and discussed the team goals for this season. Nearly every player had the same answer concerning what the team's overall goals are.


  1. Win the Big East
  2. Win every Home Game


What individual goals have you set for yourself this year?


RB Mike Ford – "As far as my goals, I want over a thousand rushing yards and at least a couple of touchdowns. My main goal is to help out any way I can in winning the Big East."


DE George Selvie – "I just to be a dominant force on the field and help my team win a championship."


OL Jacob Sims – "I want to start all 13 games and be selected to the All Big East Team."


WR Dontavia Bogan – "I want to break my old school record for kickoff returns and kickoff return average of 26.6. I want to break all of that. I just want to score touchdowns."


RB Moise Plancher – "No, I tend to leave the stats out of my mind. I just try to play with great effort and to the best of my ability."


RB Jessie Hester – "The only goal I have is to just stay healthy."


QB Matt Grothe – "I only have one goal and that is just to have fun. Sometimes I think I get away from realizing that I am lucky to play football. If I just go out there and have fun, everything else will come."


DB Jerome Murphy – "My main goal is to just help the team win."


LB Kion Wilson – "I would like to launch myself into a great senior year and possibly lead the Big East in tackles. I just want to do really well for my team and myself."


DL Aaron Harris – "My main goal is to become a better pass rusher from the three technique. I just want to be a better player."


DT Terrell McClain – "I want to become All-Big East and All-American."


OL Zach Hermann – "I just want to get better with every snap."


LB Chris Robinson – "I just want to be a Big East champion once in my career and this is my last year so I hope it happens. My team goal would be for us to go undefeated."


OL Sampson Genus – "My goal is to go as hard as I can on every single down."


S Nate Allen - "Obviously I want to be the best player I can and become All American and All Conference, but I am not going to let my personal goals get in the way of the team because that can happen. If we do what we have to do out on the field then the personal goals will come."


Is there one game one the schedule that you are looking forward to the most?


DE George Selvie – "Right now it's Wofford. That is the biggest game of my life coming up right now so that is what I am looking forward to."


RB Mike Ford  – "Honestly I never really look ahead at the schedule. Whatever games come up is the most important one."


WR Dontavia Bogan  – "I am looking forward to all of them. Of course, the big one is Florida State. I can't wait. I am from South Georgia which is like 45 minutes north of Tallahassee so that one is going to be big."


DE Craig Marshall – "Not really but Tallahassee game is close to my home so a lot of my friends and family will be there so I am looking forward to that."


OL Jacob Sims  – "Wofford, because it is the first game of the season. That is all I am thinking about right now."


LB Kion Wilson – "I would definitely have to say Miami. It is a big time in state rivalry game. It will be just a great challenge. If we actually beat them, that will land South Florida a lot of big time recruits."


WR Jessie Hester – "I am looking forward to all of them because it is my Senior season. Florida State will be a big one because of my background and my father, but we are looking forward to all of them."


OL Sampson Genus  – "We have to take it one at a time. The first one is right now the most important."


RB Aston Samuels – "I think we need to focus on taking on one game at a time and focus on the whole season instead of just one game."


K Delbert Alvarado – "Honestly every single game is going to be exciting for me because it is my last year. Some like the FSU and Miami really stick out. Then there is Rutgers and Cincinnati. I haven't beaten any of those teams in my career, but every game is special."


DB Jerome Murphy – "The game I am looking forward to the most is Senior night because all of the parents will be here."


QB Matt Grothe – "No, they are all the same. We have to just play one game at a time and hopefully try and win them all."


WR Colby Erskin – "I am looking forward to the Florida State and Miami game because of the in state rivalry, but you want to win them all."


FB Richard Kelly – "The one game I am really excited about is Florida State because my best friend, Kendall Smith, plays there. We have just been talking mess to each other."


CB Quinton Washington - "Probably the biggest game for me is Miami. That is just a rivalry game. Miami has the most National Championships in the state so that is a team that you have to put the radar on."


What is the Biggest Difference between this year's team and last year's squad?


QB Matt Grothe– "I think we are a lot faster this year and more motivated to win this year. I can see the desire to win in everyone's eyes.


DE George Selvie – "We are more focused. We are out there running around and ready to win a Big East championship. That is what we are working towards every day. We are doing more first team versus first team so we can go up against the best on the team instead of going against the scout team."


WR Dontavia Bogan – "This year's squad is more focused. We are just ready to go."


OL  Jacob Sims  – "The chemistry seems to be a lot better this year. The guys seem to be really close. The offensive line as a unit did a lot of extra work that we haven't done in year's past."


LB Kion Wilson  – "As far as a whole, there is a lot of unity with the guys. I am not saying there wasn't any the previous years, but a lot of the guys are closely knitted together. It is just one big family."


WR Jessie Hester – "Competition. I think this year we have had the most competition at every position in the history of the program."


K Delbert Alvarado– "Last year we had it to, but it seems like we have a little more swagger this year. We just have that chip on our shoulder being so close in that Big East race for the last few years. It's our time. We are just ready to put on the pads and be unleashed as a team."


DT Terrell McClain  – "I think we have a lot more talent then last year. That means nothing though unless you have work ethic."


RB Moise Plancher – "I think we are a lot more focused. We have more guys working hard over the summer then any other year. I think it is the focus of the team."


DL  Aaron Harris– "The competition level. There is a lot more competition between players fighting for positions. This summer, every single defensive lineman passed the 300 yard shuttle. In previous years, there was always someone who didn't pass it. There are a lot of good things going on this year."


CB  Quinton Washington "Our secondary is a lot faster. I believe our team is communicating a lot better as well."


RB Mike Ford – "We are actually closer now as a team then in the two and a half years that I have been here."

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