USF Practice Day 10: Another Two-A-Day

The Bulls completed another session of two-a-days for the 10th day of the fall training camp. Leavitt promised some changes after the first scrimmage and there were some.

After having sunday off, the Bulls completed another session of two-a-days for their 10th day of practice, and Coach Leavitt likes the effort from the team.

First off, there is no new news on Jamar Taylor's injury, and they won't have any until the MRI is done, which won't be until tomorrow morning.

Second they wouldn't elaborate on the nature of Mike Ford's two game suspensions, but with everything the coaches are saying missed classes seems like the most logical. Coach said he violated team rules and we'll move forward. Mike is a good guy with a good heart and I love him dearly. You just got to do the right things. It's like when a son messes up, you get angry, and tell them, but you still love them."

After the afternoon session Coach Leavitt talked about what changes were made after the tapes from the scrimmage were watched, depth at several positions, inuries and much more. Click the link for the entire interview.

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Part 2.

Part 3.

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