USF Preseason: 15 Practices are in the Books

With 15 practices in the books, the Bulls are at the halfway point of the preseason, and to the two deep they'll take into '09. "We've gotten a lot done in the first 15 practices," said Leavitt. Read about the fierce depth chart battles, two new additions to the roster, and more.

After Tuesday morning practice Leavitt said the team did a good job at this morning practice and he's going to back off just a little bit and give the team some rest and change the schedule.

They're not going to practice as scheduled, and will go through a walk-through in the morning, give the team some rest in the afternoon, and get ready for a scrimmage Wednesday night. "We're not going to go that many snaps but I want it to be quality. We're looking at going 60 snaps, maybe 70 Wednesday night."

Leavitt said the team will lift Thursday morning, and work out in just uppers in the afternoon. He also said they may alter Fridays practice as the team prepares for an 80 snap scrimmage on Saturday, and will give the team Sunday off "They got classes and I want to give them a day away."

"We've gotten a lot done in the first 15 practices," said Leavitt. "We're getting closer to the two deep that we'll take into the season."

New additions

The Bulls announced that Faron Hornes and Renato Proia have joined the program as walk-ons.

Hornes just graduated Butler community college where he had 26 catches for 357 yards and two touchdowns. Hornes is originally from Bradenton Southeast, where he had 1,486 all-purpose yards, averaging 30.2 yards on punt returns and 23.2 on kickoff returns. On offense he averaged 19.6 yards per catch with 30 receptions and 8.4 yards per rush with 40 attempts. He'll have 3 years of eligibility left.

Proia, is a walk-on USF soccer goalkeeper from Mariner high school who worked out last week, and will compete for kickoff duties. Leavitt said he doesn't know if he'll help this year, but ‘maybe, maybe' he will.

Some redshirts aren't decided yet

Leavitt said guys like Victor Marc, who had two interceptions this morning, are guys that they don't know if they'll redshirt yet. "It depends on how much we can trust them, and how ready he'll be, because we don't want to lose a year on him, but if he can help us on special teams or do some things than we'll play them. We're still figuring things out."

He said he doesn't know yet if Ryne Giddens or Julius Forte will play as freshmen. "it's too early to tell," said Leavitt. "We'll know more by next week when we get ready for Wollford."

Leavitt said "Sterling Griffin is tearing it up right now; I'd say he's going to play this year."

Fierce battle at corner:

Kayvon Webster, Jerome Murphy, Quenton Washington, Tyson Butler and George Baker are in a tight battle at corner. "Webster had a great day today after being sick. There's some tough competition going on. George Baker had a really good camp. Now Q (Quenton Washington) has stepped it back up and got it going. Murphy and Baker would be starters if we went today, but Kayvon and q are really pushing hard. These next scrimmages are going to be important.

Still searching for special teams two deep

Leavitt said they're still looking for a number two punter, and number two kicker, "Right now if be Schwartz if we went to day. We're also trying to get squared away on our number two snapper. We got a number of guys challenging for that."

"Delbert Alvarado has been kicking very well on kick-offs, field goals, extra points, and punts," said Leavitt. "We just got to be sure we sure up our back-ups."

Injuries: Leavitt said about 15-16 guys are either out or limited. Cory Grissom and Anthony hill have resumed practice.

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