Bulls Scrimmage Under the Lights

The Bulls practice was delayed due to rain and thunder showers, and after sitting in the locker room for about an hour and a half was able to go shortly after 9pm Wednesday night, running about 75 snaps.

The Bulls practice was delayed due to rain and thunder showers, and after sitting in the locker room for about an hour and a half was able to go shortly after 9pm Wednesday night, running about 75 snaps. "That was a few more than I thought we would," said Leavitt. "So I was pretty happy about that. Offensively, they did a great job. A lot of guys impressed me."

Quarterback Matt Grothe and defensive end George Selvie didn't play, and linebacker Kion Wilson was held out at a bunch of the scrimmage.

With Matt Grothe not playing in the scrimmage Coach Leavitt said "B.J. Daniels had a good night, and Evan Landi looked good. The offensive line did a pretty good job tonight."

Leavitt said "All the running backs looked good," saying that Aston Samuels, Lindsey Lamar, Demetris Murray, and Richard Kelly, all had great runs, and a number of touchdowns.

All the way from the one yard line

On a drive that started from the minus one yard line. The offense got a key first
down, than a couple of more than ended when B.J. Daniels hit receiver Dontavia Bogan who broke a tackle and got a key block from Theo Wilson and ran it in for a touchdown.

The freshmen might have found his position

Incoming freshmen Victor Marc, who played multiple positions in high school, might have found his calling at safety.  In Wednesday's scrimmage he picked off Evan Landi on the goal line and brought it out to about the 10-yard line. That's three interceptions in the last two practices.

The line is getting the job done

Coach Canales again praised the offensive line saying they open holes for the backs and gave time to the QB's.  He also said they eliminated a lot of foolish penalties that they made in Saturdays scrimmage.

"You got to have that hard edge mentality running the spread offense," said Canales. "And we can do that."

More praise for the running backs

"Lindsey Lamar did some very positive things and that speed is just a weapon," said Canales. "Mo Plancher did some good things, and Aston Samuels ‘Wow' he had some great runs. We got a lot of speed back there."

I spoke to Mo after the game, he said Mike Ford and Lindsey Lamar looked real good.  Lindsey said he had a good scrimmage, some real good runs but said he didn't score.

Talked to Jamar Taylor, he said he's in good spirits and feels much better with the news. He did say that he didn't think it was as bad and was positive the whole time.

Defense gets some kudos too

When asked who impressed him on the defensive side of the Ball, Leavitt said:

Sam Barrington
, "He has a long way to go and has learn the defense, got to learn how to lineup. He's got a lot to learn, but he can play, at a high level. Sam's frustrated because he probably made a lot of mental mistakes, probably did a lot of things that were not good within the scheme of our defense. But he can flat play."

Leslie Stirrups & Cory Grissom, "I thought Grissom did some good things, and I saw some really good things out of Leslie Stirrups.  

Jerome Murphy, Leavitt said he didn't really watch the secondary enough, but "Murphy really showed up, he made some really big hits and made some big plays.

Leavitt said Jerome Murphy played cornerback and that Q (Quenton Washington), George Baker, and Kavon Webster are all battling for the starting gig. Tyson Butler is working a lot at nickel.

Not that special

Leavitt said they didn't do any kicking during the scrimmage. They wnted to but it was so late and they had a lot of kicking done in Saturdays scrimmage.

Tresey needs to watch the tape

Bull's Defensive coordinator Joe Tresey said "we got some good work done tonight. But we gave up some big plays that we didn't give up last week. We got to go look at the film, grade it and look at our mistakes. There were some calls that weren't probably good for what they were doing, but we wanted to get it on tape. Now we got to go watch it."

Tresey said he can't really comment on the progress yet, "I really got to take a look at the film and evaluate it. As you know it's a very fast pace with the one's coming off and the two going in, and you don't have much time, that's why we have to watch the film."

 "We got to get better," said Tresey. "We got to come out tomorrow with a positive attitude and go. That's why you practice."

Red shirt getting noticed

With Matt Grothe sitting out, redshirt freshman B.J. Daniels earned praise from the DC, "B.J. Daniels, he just sticks out to me. He's a concern when he has the ball in his hands, he's a concern, and makes people miss, and he's a great complement to Matt Grothe. Let me tell you he really sticks out."

Banged up and bruised

There were many players who are dinged up and sat out a bunch including Jon Lejiste who was out with a groin injury. Four tight ends, Isaac Virgin (foot) was wearing a boot. Jeff Hawkins (Hammy), Kenneth ‘Ziggy' Luberice, and Andrew Ketchel (Neck stinger) Jessie Hester (foot), A.J. Love (Ankle).

The Bulls go again tomoorow afternoon   

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