USF Training Camp : Day 15 in the Books

The Bulls had a quick turnaround after last nights practice and an early session this morning as the Bulls training camp is coming to an end with the final scrimmage tomorrow.

The Bulls training camp is entering the last few days before they return to the regular season practice schedule, which means the grueling part is just about over, but Leavitt wasn't as pleased today as he was with lasts night's effort.

"Half of them really did a great job," Leavitt said. "Have of them did incredible and I was really proud of half of the football team. That means how many games do you win, two or three if you go like that?

Leavitt praised George Selvie, Kion Wilson and the offensive line ‘I thought the first team offensive line did some good things but the second team still has a ways to go."

Coach wasn't as happy with the linebacker's effort, saying "I don't think they did very good, and didn't push through it very hard." Coach did single out Jaquian Williams and Sabbath Joseph, "Jaquian did very good and is really trying, and Sabbath Joseph is really trying."

Tight ends banged up

We've mentioned several time over the last few days about the injuries at the tight end position. Andreas Shields who has gotten many accolades this camp is wearing a boot on his right ankle, and could be out for a bit. Andrew Ketchel (shoulder/neck) has been limited. Kenneth Luberice (hip). Freshman Isaac Virgin has a knee injury, and was wearing a boot Wednesday, and redshirt freshman Jeff Hawkins (hamstring).

"Hawkins hasn't practiced at all in about a year," Leavitt said. "He's been hurt all spring, all two-a-days. You really can't count on Hawkins this year right now. Ketchel has been hurt, Luberice just came back and Busbee has been working through it pretty good. He's been really trying. You want to run with tight ends and it's hard if you don't have any."

Movers and shakers on the O-line

The Bulls offensive line has seen many lineups this fall camp, but the last few weeks it's been steady with Jamar Bass at left tackle, Jeremiah Warren at left guard, Sampson Genus at center, Zach Hermann at right guard and Mark Popek at right tackle.  Offensive line coach mike Simmonds said that Hermann, Sims, and Genus are the ‘nucleus' up front due to their game experience.  

Simmonds said as of today the left side has a different look. "Jeremiah Warren brings a high intensity that he brings to practice, we had him at left guard, but he's at left tackle, but right now we're playing him at left tackle, which is a critical position for us. We got Chaz Hine moved up to left guard. He's another former walk-on that was put on scholarship. He's done a great job, is a grinder, and has really improved over the last couple of years."

Jamar Bass has done very well, but he comes from a predominantly run oriented offense. "Once we bring him up on the pass protection part, we'll have the depth we need at the left tackle spot."

All the backs can run the football

With Jamar Taylor (knee) out for 8-10 weeks and Mike Ford suspended for the first two games, Leavitt said he likes what Mo Plancher can do, but won't lean on him any more than the other backs Aston Samuels and Lindsey Lamar.

"Mo is a very special guy and a very good player,' said Leavitt. ‘But we're going to count on Aston Samuels and Lindsey Lamar; all three are going to rep a bunch. Those are the three key guys, all can run, all got great balance, all are tough, and all have speed. All are very good running backs."

Leavitt did say he doesn't like to use the phrase running back by committee. "We'd love to have one of them step-up and be that guy."

Coach also praised Aston Samuels who missed the 2008 season with a shoulder injury. "Samuels has had by far his most impressive fall camp I've ever seen," Leavitt said. "Not even close. He's been extraordinary, doing a great job."

Other notes

Jason Pierre-Paul and Leslie Stirrups were not at practice and were attending new student orientation for the guys that didn't go back in June.

Leavitt said John Lejiste is still out with a groin injury, and freshman Kayvon Webster was working at nickel over Tyson Butler.

The Bulls will run a 80-85 plays in the scrimmage tomorrow morning.

USF will return to its regular season schedule next week when class begins.

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