WR Reese Favors Two

Josh Reese, WR from Miami Central talks to USFNation about who his top 2 schools are heading into the season, where he'll visit this fall and much more! Read on for the details.

Josh Reese has learned a lot this summer. 6 months ago he was somewhat new to the recruiting process and a bit naïve as well. Now that the summer is coming to an end Reese says he feels like a veteran with all that he's gone through in the past two months.

"I actually learned a lot," adding. "At first my brother and friends were telling me how things would takeoff after I got my offers and got big, some of the things I was aware of but there has been some surprises too. Everything is going good and I'm having fun with it."

Helping Josh with his decision is his brother, his coach and grandmother.

"They give me advice like to take things as they come. Don't just look at football, look at your surroundings and find a place you can live for 4 or 5 years. They also say to look at an offense that fits me and things like that."

Reese also has two teammates that are going through the process with him as well. QB Jeffrey Godfrey and RB Brandon Gainer make up the rest of the Miami Central "Trio". The three of them have openly talked about attending the same college, now that summer is over is that still the case?

"Right now its still very possible. We always talk about it. Sometimes its hard because there are a lot of teams that will want Brandon and Jeff, not me. Or there are schools that want me and Jeff, but not Brandon. There are schools that want all three, but if it doesn't go that way we'll make the best out of it."

Schools that are offering them that opportunity are Florida State, South Florida and Central Florida.

"The main two are UCF and USF because FSU isn't going to save a spot but UCF and USF will. Florida State has offered all three but they could fill up soon."

This summer Reese made trips to Florida State and Central Florida.

"Jeff and I made it to Central Florida and Florida State," said Reese. "UCF was the first visit I've taken to a college. We did it in the spring for a practice and we got a tour of the campus, met the AD and checked out their facilities."

Reese says that the Central Florida coaches think he can come in and get early playing time.

"I talk to Coach (Dave) Kelly a lot and he tells me that I can have playing time, I just have to work for it. When I went there I saw a lot of the things they do with the wide receivers are similar to what we do at Central. The routes and things are almost the same, I think I would fit right into their offense."

The Bulls have coach Larry Scott recruiting Reese, Godfrey and Gainer. Reese says the Bulls are recruiting them very similar to how UCF is.

"It's almost the same. I really want to get up there and see how they practice and things like that. I hear about them, but I haven't seen it for my self. My brother tells me about them and Courtney (Denson) lives down the street and he tells me about the Bulls. I need to take a visit to see more."

USF is one of the few teams that is offering the Trio an opportunity to stick together, why not visit them this summer?

"Actually I don't know. I was talking to coach Scott about and we were planning it….I don't know why it didn't happen. I can't even say. The other visits happen because other people put them together. Like for the UCF visit my brother and Jeff's father took us there. Jeff and I were talking about going to USF, but my brother was out of town -- I don't know it just didn't happen. I don't know when we'll go but we will."

Reese says if it works out with his teammates he hopes to visit the Bulls during the season, possibly his bye week. However there are a few others that are trying to lock down visits including UCF, Florida, Tennessee and West Virginia. All three will likely visit the same school on their bye week and they'll take the rest of the visits after the season.

"Right now we're talking about South Florida, but we don't know."

With the season only weeks away Reese says the Bulls and Knights are his two favorites.

"UCF and USF are recruiting me the hardest, those are my favorites right now and they're out in front. After that I like Florida State, West Virginia and Tennessee. That's not really my top 5, those are the schools that want me the most."

Reese is thinking that a decision could come near the end of his season or sometime during the playoffs.

"Probably in November or December I'll be ready to make an announcement. I'm probably going to get some more offers. Like a week or two ago I got one from Nebraska, so I still have to wait and see before I make a final choice."

USFNation expects the Miami Central trio to make a visit announcement in the next 3-4 weeks. Check back to find out if the Bulls will get the first visit.

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