It's All About Wofford Now

With less than two weeks until the season opener, the Bulls focus in practice is soley on Wofford, and they're not taking the Terriers lightly.

With two weeks to go until the opener Coach Jim Leavitt said the teams focus is on Wofford "We worked really hard on Wofford today. We know that is going to be a very difficult challenge because of what they offensively and defensively. They are extremely well coached. They are very good at what they do. They have got very good people."

Leavitt isn't taking the Terriers lightly, and referred to last year's close game against South Carolina where it was a 3-point game late in the fourth quarter. "They are just so disciplined in what they do. We know we are going to have to do a lot of work and effort for two week straight just to try and see if we can try and figure it all out because it is really a challenge. It really is."

The Terrier's offense is difficult to defend and Leavitt said to simulate the triple option that Wofford uses they had Matt Grothe, BJ Daniels and Evan Landi run their quarterback. "We have to use those three. We don't have anyone else who can really. Eppes is not ready yet to do all this kind of stuff." Leavitt said they used the number two offensive line to run their offense, and had Lindsey Lamar, Aston Samuels, Kelly and Murray at RB, "We had to get good people. They are just too good at what they do. It is really difficult preparation."

"We just tried some different things today because we really don't have a scout team so we have to have our twos run a service type look. We weren't great at it today. We were okay just because the numbers on the offensive line aren't that deep."

Leavitt said the last time they faced an offense like this was Georgia Southern "They are a lot more varied then Georgia Southern though. It has been a little while since we have faced this. It is tough. They are very good. We have great respect for them. That is going to be a very difficult challenge because of what they do. Defensively, from what I have read have been doing a great job. They had a number of turnovers in their secondary. It sounds like they got it going pretty good."

With training camp now over, Bulls defensive coordinator Joe Tresey says there is a difference the way they treat practice. "We can focus now on Wofford and everything we look at tape wise will be geared towards Wofford. We won't be looking much at our offense except to pull some clips if we have some errors, but we're focusing on Wofford now."

Coach also said that the players are reacting differently too. "You can tell, I had 4 or 5 players after practice pull me aside and say ‘Coach we just want to have some calls for when we get together Thursday night and are looking at tape, we can make calls, and we can coach each other up on what we're supposed to do.' They haven't done yet, so that means they're starting to think about it."

Tresey said the players taking these guys very seriously, they really are. "Coach Leavitt has done a good job letting them know how successful they've been at the I-AA level. It's 16-10 against South Carolina and they're on the 17 yard line, they didn't get in of course and had to kick the FG, but it was close."

The Bulls defensive coordinator said that with less than two weeks to go, the starting defense isn't totally set. "We're close, but we still have a few days left. There's competition at linebacker, at defensive back and there's even competition at defensive line. It's going to be interesting but that's a good thing, because competition is the best thing you can have."

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