CB Mitchell Ready for Season

Hillsborough high's Terrance Mitchell talks to USFNation.com about what he did this summer, what offers he's concentrating on and what his visit schedule will be like this fall. Read on for all the details.

Terrence Mitchell is one of the top prospects in the Tampa Bay area this year. He's received over 30 offers from around the country. The 5-foot-10 CB/WR has spent most of the summer working with his teammates in preparation for the 2009 season. He did make one visit this summer and that was to Florida State, besides that it's been all about football for Mitchell.

"Other than my one visit I've been working on getting bigger, faster, stronger."

With the first game only a few days away Mitchell says there are a few teams that standout in his long list of offers.

"I haven't eliminated anyone, but me and my dad have been talking about Florida, Florida State, Georgia, USF, Alabama and Tennessee."

Out of those schools Mitchell admits that the Seminoles have an edge over the rest of the pack.

"Florida State is my leader. The other schools are all equal behind FSU. I've visited FSU and I know more about them."

Mitchell says he's also got interest in two other instate schools, UF and USF. What does Terrance think about USF, his hometown team?

"I'm considering USF, it's close to home. I like coach Leavitt, he's different from any other head coaches I've talked to."

USF is offering Mitchell a chance to do something most other schools haven't talked about.

"USF and Duke are the only schools that have said they would be open to me playing a little offense or special teams."

On Florida:

"I didn't go there this summer, but I really like them. They're the National Champs and they've had a good program for a long time."

The next step for Mitchell will begin September 1st when he has the ability to talk with college coaches over the phone.

"Tomorrow (Monday) I'm going to start calling some teams about setting up a visit. Also this week I'm going to submit my clearinghouse papers so I can be eligible to start taking visits."

With only 5 visits allowed Terrence said he's already put some thought into which schools he'd like to see.

"I already know for sure that I'll visit Florida State and Georgia. I'm taking those two for sure and other than that I don't really know about who else I'll visit."

Mitchell went on to say that he'd like to take a couple of other out-of-state visits including Alabama and Tennessee. As for USF, things are still up in the air.

"I've been talking to my family and coaches about that. I think I'm going to go there unofficially one weekend and walk around campus. I'm still not sure though."

Over the last few months Mitchell has had dozens of conversations with college coaches and even formed strong relationships with a few coaches. But he says there is one coach that has made a lasting impression.

"Coach Dawsey (FSU) and I have a really good relationship. I don't know what it is, I just like him. I get along with all the coaches I've met, but I like coach Dawsey a little bit more."

Don't expect a decision anytime soon for Mitchell. He says the earliest an announcement could come would be after his season, he'll most likely decide even later than that and it could be as late as signing day.

"I'm just focusing on my team and the season, so a decision is going to have to wait."

USFNation.com will be at Terrence Mitchell's first game next week against Jefferson. Check back to see how he fares against one of the top underclassman receivers in the state Andre Davis.

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