USFNation Game Grades: Wofford

The USF football team kicked off the season Saturday, and after going through some growing pains in the first half, settled down and won its first game against Wofford 40-7. Find out how the staff at USFNation graded the Bulls performance in the 2009 home opener. Only on

Well it was Wofford and there were some good things that happened and some bad things. Let's get to the grades.

QUARTERBACKS (B-): Matt Grothe completed a lot of short things, but made a horrible read in the end zone, throwing a pick that afterwards Bulls offensive coordinator Mike Canales took the blame for. It was a very consistent performance otherwise as Grothe stuck with high-percentage throws. B.J. Daniels did a grab job of throwing a touchdown pass after doing an audible check up on the original play. He recognized the coverage and took advantage of it.

RUNNING BACKS (B): Lindsey Lamar is what this USF football team needs, a quick-hitting back that can make a lot happen with limited touches. Mo Plancher is going to be the team's all-purpose reliable back but he's not going to give you a lot of big gains. But considering the absence of Mike Ford, this was a good performance. Would have liked to see Richard Kelly used a little more.

WIDE RECEIVERS (B): Theo Wilson made a terrific play for his first career touchdown as a Bull. There was very little in the way of downfield plays and that was probably by design. I didn't notice any drops and I thought the blocking was sufficient.

OFFENSIVE LINE (B-): Would have been higher if not for Zach Hermann's illegal block penalty. Much like the rest of the team this unit was good enough to get the job done but not dominating.

DEFENSIVE LINE (C): It was bad in the first half but the Bulls reined in the problems and started attacking the gaps in the second half. George Selvie got another sack and that really stepped up the charge for this group. As the young players mature and understand their responsibilities better this will be a good bunch.

LINEBACKERS (B+): They played a lot of guys and they all seemed to account for themselves well. I heard Chris Robinson's name quite a bit and had had a nice sack. Kion Wilson also looks like a much better player.

SECONDARY (A-): Nate Allen remains a USF tackling machine, as he led the Bulls with 10 on Saturday evening. He also forced a fumble that Quenton Washington recovered. Jerome Murphy forced a fumble as well. Overall the secondary was strong considering they did not face a particularly efficient passing team.

SPECIAL TEAMS (A-): The return game has the potential to be very explosive and the blocking was good. I'm guessing we'll have a few nervous moments with Alvarado but he punted well and made his short field goal so all is good.


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