QB Godfrey Narrowing the List

In this exclusive interview QB Jeffery Godfrey talks about where the Miami Central Trio is focusing their attention, who he talked to last week once coaches were allowed to call and where their first visit will be. Read on for the details.

Miami Central's Jeffery Godfrey opened his senior season last week in Daytona by throwing for 187 and 3 TD's in a 34-3 victory. Godfrey put in the work on and off the field this summer, getting better physically and mentally.

"I feel great after the first game. All the film we watched, sprints we ran and hours of practice got us prepared for the 15 games we need to play this season."

Jeffery has also been putting in a lot of time on the recruiting front. This summer he made trips to both UCF and FSU.

"Both visits went great. We had a good time in Tallahassee, they have great coaches and facilities. UCF was a lot of fun. We got to watch the team practice and take a look at campus."

With 16 total offers Godfrey says he's starting to narrow his list. The criteria for now is this: Godfrey is looking for a team where he and his teammates Brandon Gainer and Joshua Reese can all stay together at the next level. Out of the 16 teams that have offered 6 of those teams have also offered his teammates.

"The best opportunity for us to stay together is at UCF, USF, FSU, West Virginia, LSU or Oregon."

There is no leader amongst the group even though Godfrey took visits to UCF and FSU over the summer. There were some questions as to why he didn't check out USF. But he says it was due to scheduling, not a lack of interest.

"It just got late in the summer and we had practice starting. We wanted to get over there but couldn't make it. We will visit South Florida and it will be the first of the 5 visits we take."

The visit to USF is still unscheduled, however Godfrey says it will be during the season. He's been talking frequently with Bulls coach Larry Scott about the visit and much more.

"Coach Scott is like a second dad to me." Adding, "He calls and we don't talk just football. He asks me about school, family and things that are going on in my life. I love him to death. That's about the only coach that I get that feeling from. Coach (Dave) Kelly at UCF is also doing a good job recruiting me."

Godfrey won't come out and name a leader yet, but does admit that he's focusing more on the 6 schools that has offered the entire trio.

"We talk about schools together almost every day. Once we get a strong feeling on where we want to go we'll announce it. It might take a few visits to get that feeling but once we do we'll make it known."

The next step is to start nailing down a few visit dates. Once the USF visit is scheduled Godfrey says he'd like to make a plan to visit Oregon. He's not sure if UCF and FSU will be on the schedule.

"It depends on what schools we want to visit. If there are more than 5 schools then we won't visit a school we've already seen like UCF or FSU. I'm not saying we're not going there, but if it comes down to it, we're not going to waste a visit on a school we've already seen."

Last week was the first time that college coaches could pick up the phone and contact recruits and Godfrey said his first call came from a familiar voice.

"My first call was from coach Scott at USF. The second one was Kansas State, third was Oregon, fourth was Miami and fifth was UCF…I wrote them all down!"

Miami is a school that hasn't been mentioned very much in recruiting circles, but with the loss of 2 QB's to transfers, has the interest picked up?

"The interest has been there for a while. I got my offer from Miami last September, a year ago."

"They're a great school, but they're not telling me what position they want me at. Every school that is recruiting me says I'm a pure quarterback, but Miami tells me I'm an athlete and I'm not going there as an athlete."

What if Miami switches gears and begins recruiting him as a quarterback?

"I'd still have to think about it because they have a great quarterback in Jacorry Harris. He's doing a great job. But for me I want to go to a place where I can get on the field in a year or two. I don't have to come in and start right away but I do want to get on the field early."

The Bulls and Knights both have young QB's waiting for their shot to take over. BJ Daniels and Nico Flores were both highly touted high school athletes, but Jeffery says he sees opportunity at those two schools.

"They tell me BJ is a great athlete and similar to me. But when it comes down to me and BJ it will be about who knows the playbook and who can make the reads. We're both athletic and can throw the ball. We're both great athletes and I think I have a fair shot."

"Nico Flores is from North Miami Beach. He's a big athletic guy and I would love to compete against him."

It may be unknown right now where Godfrey and company are headed, but one thing is known – Jeffery does not lack confidence.

"I feel I bring something different than everyone that is playing quarterback in college football right now. I feel like its not only my physical talent, but its reading the defense, making the checks and the making the right throws that will separate me from the rest."

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