Matt Grothe Presser (9-22-09)

USF Senior quarterback Matt Grothe spoke for the first time since injuring his knee against Charleston Southern at USF's weekly media conference.

USF Senior quarterback Matt Grothe spoke for the first time since injuring his knee against Charleston Southern at USF's weekly media conference.

The Bulls QB Grothe starting 41 straight games for USF and after putting leading USF to a 28- lead tore the ACL in his left knee against Charleston Southern during the second quarter last Saturday.


On how he's doing since the injury
"I think I'm doing a good job. My family and everybody are actually doing worse than I am. My mom wonders how I'm taking it so well. I've got to look at it positively. I can't get down on it, there's nothing I can do to change it. It's Just a new chapter in my life. I'm done playing here. Hopefully it's time to move on to bigger and better things when it's all said and done."

On when he knew how bad it was

"It's pretty obvious when your knee feels like it comes out of socket."


On how many get well notes sent to his house, email, cell phone…
"I can't even put a number on how many I have received. I want to thank all the fans. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here and our program wouldn't be where we are today."

On his proudest achievements at USF

"Being part of the team that has done as well as we have the last few years and being able to tell my kids and my grandkids one day that I was a part of how all this started. And beating Auburn on my 21st birthday are probably the two highest accomplishments on my list."

On getting mentally prepared for the bad news
"I think I got it all off on the field. I laid there for a few minutes. I could have got up after 30 seconds, but I didn't want to get up, because I kind of knew what was coming next."

On staying involved with the team

 "Yesterday I was messing with the guys, telling them they can't call me Matt or Grothe anymore. It's coach Grothe to them. Hopefully I'll be coaching one day, so it's good to get in this experience now a little bit. I definitely want to continue to try to play football when this is all said and done, wherever it is. I'm just going to enjoy my time right now and do anything in my power to help the team out and get us where we need to be."


On the advice he's given B.J. Daniels                    

"Well, B.J. played the whole second half last week. After the game, he came up to me and said, boy do I have a respect for you. It's a lot different from practice out there and everything. I know he's really excited for this game, growing up in Tallahassee. You could tell yesterday in practice, he was trying to do everything perfect. I just told him to calm down and play your game. He knows how to play football, everyone knows that. He's going to do some incredible things while he's here and win us championships. I'm excited for him and ready to see him out there this Saturday."


On Daniels being able to handle his first start against FSU

"He knows it's not life or death. He knows what's at stake this week. It's Florida State, but at the same time, he knows that it's just a game. I think that's going to motivate him and help him a lot and just going out there and playing football. I'm sure at the start of the game, it's going to be going for - not just him  everybody, but at the same time I think he's going to do a very good job of calming himself down and being able to play football."



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