Bulls OC Mike Canales "Nothing's changed"

USF Ofensive coordinator Mike Canales addressed the media on Tuesday about the state of the Bulls offense. Coach talks about the season ending knee injury to Matt Grothe, his replacemnet B.J. Daniels, upcoming FSU & more.

Bulls Ofensive coordinator Mike Canales addressed the media on Tuesday about the state of the offense with the season ending knee injury to Matt Grothe. Coach says they aren't going to change much and talks abou B.J. Daniels making his first start at Florida State, upcoming FSU & more.

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Here's a few excerpts on Canle's take on B.J. Daniels making his first start at Florida State

"The one thing I can say is, I'm not in B.J.'s shoes, but I know the type of player that he is, in recruiting him over the last three years, watching him as a junior when he was in high school, then watching him develop and going into his senior year, and going through the recruiting process with him, and watching him going through basketball season in his high school senior year, the kid's built with confidence. He just eludes it. You can see it. It shines on his face. He doesn't lack any confidence in his ability as a player and as a young man.

"He was waiting for the opportunity to present itself. He worked extremely hard in the spring and in the fall camp, when he had the chance to get a lot more reps during the weeks during camp. He had been preparing for it. He had been preparing to play each and every game and that's what Coach Leavitt felt like, hey, we'd better get B.J. in the game, but in terms of his mindset, I don't think it'll faze him a bit."

"I think going back to Tallahassee, which is his home, he knows everybody on the team. He's been around these guys. He's worked out with them all summer long in his high school years. In terms of fear, no, I think he's excited about the opportunity to go play against some of the kids that he played with and grew up with in the neighborhoods of Tallahassee. I think he accepts it as a challenge to come home."

"The thing we talk about, regardless of who you're playing, is you've got to show up and play, and I think he's got the right mind set. That's what we talked about. It could be anybody. The mind set you take into the game as you're preparing to play each game like it's the Super Bowl.

"Whether we're playing Charleston Southern, Florida State, Miami, West Virginia, Cincinnati, it doesn't matter. You have to show up every week and be on your best at that time. I think he understands that and what's expected of him. As a coach preparing him, I've prepared him just like I've done the last three weeks to play. I've prepared him every week, give him game tests, and give him video tests."

"I have prepared B.J. Daniels, Evan Landi, Ryan Eppes, and Matt Grothe in the same manner that I've done with B.J. this week. Nothing's changed. All we're doing is saying we're playing somebody different. We've got to show up and play and I know he's excited about the opportunity. I'm excited about the opportunity for him to go up against one of the legendary coaches in Bobby Bowden and the legendary coach in the defensive coordinator. What a challenge that is to go and face Mickey Andrews and Chuck Amato."

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