QB B.J. Daniels Presser: FSU

USF QB B.J. Daniels speaks to the media about making his first start against FSU.

USF QB B.J. Daniels speaks to the media about making his first start as a Bull against FSU this Saturday.

Some excerpts

On when realized the opportunity he had

"Probably not until Sunday, when I heard the news that he'd be out for the season. Watching him lay there on the field, my heart definitely went out to him. I told him when he got to the sideline that I was going to pray for him and hope that everything was going to be okay."


On the feeling of playing at Doak Campbell Stadium

"I'm excited. I've got a lot of friends and family there, so playing in front of them means a lot. I guess right now I'm pretty calm and everything like that, but I'm pretty sure closer to game time I'll be anxious."


On how Grothe has helped him prepare

"Matt's been helping me ever since the spring. He's been helping me out with different plays and things like that. I've learned a lot from him as far as taking control of the huddle. Going into this environment, it will be exciting for me. Just yesterday, Matt came out to practice. He looked like a coach out there, and he's helped me out a lot so far. I feel like he's going to continue to do the same."


On how he's grown on the field playing in the first three games

"I've grown a lot. Ever since the summer I've tried to prepare myself as if I were the starter, because I wanted to make sure whenever it was my time that I'd be ready. So getting these reps live in the game has helped out a lot. I feel like I've been practicing forever. But to finally get out there is exciting."



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