Bulls Commit Reaction: FSU Win

USFNation caught up with the Bulls commits to get their feedback on USF's stunning 17-7 upset win over Florida State. Read on for the scoop.

USF had their first big test of the season last Saturday, and with a redshirt freshman making his first start, came away with an upset victory over Florida State at Doak Campbell Stadium. USFNation caught up with the 2010 commits and got their reaction to the big win.

I sent a text asking the commits what they thought of the big win over the Seminoles, and this was their answers.

Mark Joyce S (Deland HS) "I think it was awesome! USF hit them in the mouth the whole time! I felt good about it before, but after that it made me feel that much better about my decision!

Brion Carnes QB (Manatee HS) "It was fun to watch, and I was happy for the team. The defense looked great! I'm still going to go to USF, but I have to work extra hard!"

Curtis Weatherspoon LB (Dean) "That was a great win! It made me feel great about my choice!"

Chris Veron K/P (Forest HS) "I was so happy to see the school that I'm going to beat FSU! I was always happy about my choice, but now I can't even explain how I feel about my decision!"

Brandon Wilkinson DE (Venice Senior HS) "It was awesome, the D' looked good! It made me feel good. I was already happy about my choice though, it's where I wanna be."

Tony Kibler OL (Glades Day School) "I knew they would win! I was already solid, now it's indestructible!"

Justin Green OL (Hutchinson) "It made me feel like a proud parent, can't wait till I get there"

Tiger Powell RB (Columbia HS) "That was a big game. South Florida was the underdog and everybody thought they go in there and lose, but they came out on top. It made feel real good.

The win also had huge recruiting ramifications and the staff at USFNation caught up with numerous USF recruits to get their reaction to the game, so stay tuned for more updates.

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