USFNation Game Grades: USF/Cincinnati

The USF football team suffered it's first loss of the season to Cincinnati. Find out how we graded each position from the Bulls 17-7 home loss to the Bearcats. Only on

QUARTERBACK (B-): B.J. Daniels' numbers weren't bad (208 passing yards, 74 rushing yards) but they weren't great either (two interceptions, 15-of-32 passing). Daniels does an excellent job of creating extra time in the pocket. Maybe too good. He had many opportunity to pick up the necessary yards and then some on the ground. He needs to start doing that and I guessing lost about 65 yards on the ground he could have gained had he just ran. He'll learn these things and his maturity in deal with the questions during the post-game press conference should ease any concerns about his maturity.

RUNNING BACKS (C): Mo Plancher, Lamar Lindsey and Mike Ford each had one big run but failed to establish themselves as a consistent running threat. Offensive coordinator Mike Canales admits he probably got away from the run too soon.

WIDE RECEIVERS (D): The wide receivers had a rough night and Carlton Mitchell's drop really signified the night the receivers had. They had a difficult time getting open as the play broke down and that will come with more familiarity with Daniels. Still they had several big plays available and failed to get the job done.

OFFENSIVE LINE (C-): The tale of two halves as they got progressively worse as the game went on. The protection wasn't bad but they didn't do anything to establish a physical presence and Cincinnati pushed them around as the game went on.

COACHING (C): Mike Canales admitted he abandoned the running game too soon but didn't think his receivers had a problem getting open and wouldn't concede to that without looking at the film first. The plays were probably good but the execution by the players was very choppy.

DEFENSIVE LINE (C-): The defensive ends get an B+, the interior line gets an F after backup quarterback Zach Collaros gashed them for 132 yards IN THE SECOND HALF (!!!). Horrible. The pressure from the outside was good. George Selvie and Craig Marshall had sacks, but the interior line play was never there and once Cincinnati got the inside running game going it was all but over.

LINEBACKERS (D): I've never seen USF linebackers make less of an impact in a game. I can't write much about them because they didn't give me much to talk about. I will say Kion Wilson is a heck of a player. He brings his lunch pail to work every week.

SECONDARY (C+): Nate Allen was steady as always and added an interception that led to the Bulls' second touchdown. Jerome Murphy not only dropped a pick six and got flagged for repeated mistakes at the worse time but his coverage wasn't there. A disappointing night for the senior and the unit in general but they did have some more bright spots than the rest of the defense.

SPECIAL TEAMS (C): Eric Schwartz's 49-yard field goal should have been a difference maker but it wasn't. Delbert Alvarado's 50-yard attempt goes in his library of horrible efforts. His punting, however, was hit or miss. He did plant three punts inside the 20 but he failed to bail USF out of potential field position disadvantages on other occasions.

DEFENSIVE COACHING (D): Joe Tresey admitted the 75-yard touchdown run on the QB draw by Collaros was a blown call on his part. It's refreshing to see a defensive coach admit his error and not throw players under the bus like other coaches for other teams located in Florida (Tallahassee to be exact). Still a blown call is a blown call and this was a backbreaker.

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